LinkedIn: A Modern Business Necessity

Today’s guest post comes from Nathaniel Mollen, a student of philosophy at Ursinus College. Marketing is only a little like metaphysics, but it’s made him somewhat of an expert in making dry topics both clear and interesting. LinkedIn is popular, this is no secret. Since this is a trade blog, […]

How to Use Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

Keywords in your LinkedIn profile can mean the difference between appearing in the top of LinkedIn’s results and several pages deep. Keyword placement and density can also help you move to the top of the search results. However, some people stuff keywords in their LinkedIn profiles thinking it will boost […]

Craft a Powerful LinkedIn Professional Headline

The professional headline is the line that appears immediately below your name at the top of the profile. By default, LinkedIn populates the headline with your current job title and company. Since this information appears in “Experience” for your current job, there’s no need to repeat the information. Besides, customizing […]

Can LinkedIn Contacts Be Your CRM?

LinkedIn acquired Connected, the company behind the contact management tool that LinkedIn incorporated and renamed it LinkedIn Contacts. This gives users access to a basic customer relationship management tool to help them manage interactions with customers, prospects and connections. However, does it deliver enough to become your CRM resource?

LinkedIn Contacts: An Easier and Smarter Way to Stay Connected

LinkedIn Contacts adds an extremely simple CRM system to LinkedIn, allowing you to manage your contacts and your interactions with them inside LinkedIn. While it doesn’t have the robust features that a larger company needs in its CRM, such as pipeline forecasting, for a one-person business, consultant, or independent, this […]

4 Tips for Using Endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you two ways to provide references to others. One is recommendations where you write a paragraph explaining why that person would be a good hire, partner or connection. The other is endorsements. Here you endorse people’s skills with a quick click. Although these take less time and effort […]

Grow Your Network and Business with New LinkedIn Updates

Yes, LinkedIn has changed things again. Before shaking your head, learn about these valuable updates that will do a better job telling your business and professional stories. With a cleaner look and enhanced image features, LinkedIn profiles adopt a more visual design with bold headers and icons highlighting sections for […]

How to Respond to an Overly Bold LinkedIn Request

I received an email from Suzanne (not her real name) who had an interesting LinkedIn story that I bet some you can relate to. I know I can. In his initial LinkedIn connection request, a man asked Suzanne if they could start referring leads to each other. Furthermore, he asked […]

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