Strategic Communicator

strategic communicator through linkedin branding

After setting the foundation with the Influencer Foundation, it’s time to kick things into gear.

Our Strategic Communicator program is built for SaaS CEOs and leaders who need to keep the momentum going without it becoming another full-time job. You’ve got a company to run, decisions to make, and a vision to realize. You need your LinkedIn activity to reflect that hustle without getting lost in the daily grind.

This is about keeping your message alive and your presence felt, efficiently and effectively.

Here’s the Deal: Once a month, we catch up for a 30-minute interview. From this conversation, we craft 4-5 posts to keep your LinkedIn buzzing—one post per week, scheduled and published on your behalf.

The Value: Think of LinkedIn as your monthly check-in, not your daily chore. You stay top of mind with your network, sharing the strides your company is making, all while opening doors to opportunities and referrals naturally. This program is your bridge to maintaining engagement and momentum, no matter how packed your schedule is.

Flexibility and Focus: Recognizing that the needs of SaaS leaders evolve, this program is built for flexibility, allowing you to extend on a month-to-month basis post the initial six months.

The Strategic Communicator is laser-focused on LinkedIn posts to keep your narrative strong and your engagement authentic. For those looking to dive deeper or broaden their content scope, consider the Authority Accelerator or Ultimate Thought Leader.

But for now, if your aim is to communicate consistently and with impact, without diverting focus from where it matters most—your business—this is where you should be.

No heavy lifting, no unnecessary distractions. Just your vision, your voice, and a strategic push on LinkedIn to ensure the people who matter most stay in the loop and inspired by your journey.

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