LinkedIn Tips for SaaS CEOs

Build a powerful personal brand that helps you grow your business faster

A team of executives having a productive meeting

Get more meetings and make those meetings more productive. What do you wish people appreciated about you and your business? Put that information on your LinkedIn profile! You’ll get more meetings with the right people. And they will arrive at the meeting better prepared.

Illustration of a referral network built through LinkedIn connections

Your best investors, customers, partners, and employees come through referrals. When you post consistently on LinkedIn, you activate your network. The people who already know, like, and trust you are more aware of what you are doing. You stay top-of-mind, build excitement about your momentum, and get more referrals.

A ceo posting on linkedin to build trust with the people in his network

One of the most important things a CEO does is build trust. You can build trust faster when you use LinkedIn to signal that you are trustworthy. There are 25 ways to use LinkedIn to give people insights into your expertise, character, and intention, so they become more comfortable trusting you.

Plan of action for executive storytelling on LinkedIn

Humans are magnetically attracted to stories. When you use stories to share your vision, your traction, and your culture, you have a greater impact. Read about the 17 stories SaaS CEOs need to tell.

Free Resources

excellent CEOs on linkedin 2024

Excellent Examples of CEOs

Get ideas for your own presence from these examples of CEOs who excel at using LinkedIn.

10 stages of a ceo journey and how personal branding helps

10 Stages of a CEO’s Journey

The benefits and ROI of personal branding depend on the stage your business is in. We outline 10 stages, and explain where to look for ROI in each stage.

linked live event banner titled AI tools & linkedin

AI Tools & LinkedIn: What Works, What to Avoid

How are you using AIs on LinkedIn?

Join us on Aug 7, 2024 @ 12:00PM ET as we share our own experience experimenting with these tools – and bring yours too. We can all learn from each other.

Linkedin profile checklist for employer branding goal

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Employer Branding

People check out your LinkedIn profile when deciding whether or not to apply for a job with you. Make sure they get the strongest possible impression of your business.

LinkedIn profile checklist for business development

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Business Development

When using LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation, your profile should be written to your ideal customers. Help them understand why they should do business with you.

LinkedIn profile checklist for impressing investors

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Impress Investors

For any founder in fundraising mode, LinkedIn is the perfect place to build relationships with investors.

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