LinkedIn Secrets for SaaS CEOs

Tips, techniques, and resources to help you build a powerful personal brand.

CEO linkedin audit by proresource

CEO LinkedIn Audit

Get your profile evaluated by LinkedIn experts. Gain insights into where you are strong already and what opportunities exist to better align your profile and activity with your goals, vision, and personal brand.

Excellent LinkedIn CEO Profiles 2023

Excellent Examples of CEOs

Get ideas for your own presence from these examples of CEOs who excel at using LinkedIn.

How to craft a ceo brand on Linkedin by judy schramm

How to Craft a CEO Brand on LinkedIn – 2023 Edition

Discover how to create a powerful online presence that serves your goals as CEO. New additions to the book include chapters on fundraising, career transitions, and using ChatGPT to make building your brand easier.

LinkedIn profile checklist for impressing investors

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Impress Investors

For any founder in fundraising mode, LinkedIn is the perfect place to build relationships with investors.

LinkedIn profile checklist for business development

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Business Development

When using LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation, your profile should be written to your ideal customers. Help them understand why they should do business with you.

The LinkedIn formula for CEOs webinar by ProResource

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: Business Development

This hands-on workshop is exclusively for CEOs who want to leverage LinkedIn effectively to grow their business – attract investors, customers and partners, build a powerful employer brand, and communicate with all your audiences.

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