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LinkedIn Profile Tips for College Students

For many, a LinkedIn profile is something to think about after you’ve landed your first job — or at least after you’ve graduated with a degree. But the time to start building your career network is actually during your first year of college. Why so early? Because if you get […]

LinkedIn Tips for High School Students

Does your high school student have a LinkedIn profile yet? Many people assume that you should be out of college before you join LinkedIn, but that’s no longer true. Just do a quick Google search on the topic of “LinkedIn for students,” and you’ll instantly get a list of articles […]

What to Update Now on Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s summer — the season of rest and relaxation. And a little bit of down time at work offers up an opportunity to review and update your LinkedIn profile, which is something you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your page active. Think of it this way: […]