Excellent LinkedIn Examples: Female CEOs

Nov 21, 2017 | CEOs, Leadership, LinkedIn, Personal branding

In continuing with our theme of learning from the best, here is a list of some excellent LinkedIn examples of female CEOs.

These women use their LinkedIn presence to share their ideas and experience in the boardroom, provide insights on industry news and trends, interact with their team and partners, and overall demonstrate great leadership.


lisa wang sheworx linkedinLisa Wang, CEO SheWorx

Lisa has a great background header graphic that shows off her team. Her summary builds credibility and states her company’s mission in a straightforward and compelling way. She has uploaded links to articles and graphics that help tell her story.


desiree vargas pearachute linkedin Desiree Vargas, CEO Pearachute

Desiree’s summary explains why she founded Pearachute. It also talks about her business philosophy and her previous, very successful business. Her accomplishments section highlights some impressive awards.



kathryn minshew ceo linkedinKathryn Minshew, CEO The Muse

Kathryn’s summary talks about her vision of making work more human. As a LinkedIn Influencer, she has a very large network, with more than 200K followers, and she keeps them engaged with blog posts and status updates. Her profile promotes her book “The New Rules of Work.”


melonee wise ceo linkedinMelonee Wise, CEO Fetch Robotics

Melonee’s header graphic is a photo of a robot, which pairs nicely with her headline “Robot Ninja.” Her work history tells the story of extensive experience in robotics, supported by videos and articles about her projects. Her accomplishments section includes honors, awards, publications and a patent.


sarah wood ceo linkedinSarah Wood, CEO Unruly

Sarah’s header graphic promotes her book “Stepping Up.” Her summary includes two videos that help tell the story of her business. As a LinkedIn Influencer, she blogs regularly. Her education section is impressive, and she includes 25 honors and awards in her accomplishments section.


clara shih ceo linkedinClara Shih, CEO Hearsay

Clara has written two books on social media, and her header photo includes both titles in English plus foreign translations, showing the popularity of her topics around the world. She includes her service as a member of the board of directors at Starbucks as a job. She also lists many honors she received while at Stanford and Oxford.


gina bianchini ceo linkedinGina Bianchini, CEO Mighty Networks

Gina’s profile shares her passion for creating communities and includes introductory materials so it is easy to learn how Mighty Networks can help you create your own community. Her previous jobs do not include descriptions, but when you are on the board of directors at Scripps, have been an entrepreneur-in-residence at Andreessen Horowitz, and founded two other businesses, your experience speaks for itself.


amanda signorelli ceo linkedinAmanda Signorelli, CEO Techweek

As the CEO of Techweek, Amanda believes in promoting entrepreneurship. Her profile explains what Techweek is, with links to articles and a video that provide detail. She has a rich collection of skills, including “Be Your Own Boss.”



natasia malaihollo ceo linkedinNatasia Malaihollo, CEO Wyzerr

Natasia’s headline is “Chief Hacker at Wyzerr” and her summary shares her background as a patent specialist and software developer – an unusual combination.




jess lee ceo linkedinJess Lee, CEO Polyvore

As a partner at Sequoia Capital, co-founder of Polyvore (acquired by Yahoo), and product manager at Google, Jess believes in supporting entrepreneurs. Her profile tells the story of how she went from passionate user to CEO of Polyvore.



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