Excellent Examples of Executives on LinkedIn

Mar 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

We specialize in working with CEOs, but many of our clients have us engage with their entire leadership team. One aspect I enjoy most about working with these executives is showing them the potential of LinkedIn.

Often, their perception of LinkedIn was formed years ago when LinkedIn was primarily a resume database. They believe that since they are not looking for a job, there’s no need to have a strong LinkedIn presence.

I absolutely love showing them what’s possible on LinkedIn now, including how to:

  • Use your LinkedIn profile to educate people about you and your business before a meeting, so your time together can be more productive.
  • Use LinkedIn to make your leadership style and culture more visible, so your team is more attractive to prospective hires.
  • Share thought leadership through LinkedIn blog posts, updates, and videos, so your ideas reach more people.
  • Maintain mindshare and keep your many business relationships fresh, despite not having had the opportunity to connect in person for the past couple of years.
  • Build a richer profile to become more findable in your areas of expertise, so you receive offers to join a board.

One of the best ways to help executives appreciate the potential is to show them LinkedIn profiles of executives similar to themselves who have a rich, powerful presence on LinkedIn and are fully leveraging the capabilities of the platform.

We have compiled updated lists, fresh for 2022, of executives who excel on LinkedIn:

Take a look at the ways they are using LinkedIn – there are many ideas you can leverage for your own presence. 

Need help building your own profile and personal brand on LinkedIn?

We would love to make your profile as good as these executives.

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