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With almost all of your business interactions now virtual, your online presence has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, Chief Financial Officers wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business tools. Here are CFOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They use LinkedIn’s newest features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and define their personal brand.

John Gardner CFO at Tektronix

John Gardner

John’s uniquely subtle approach to his profile is a refreshing example of showing your perspective in addition to stating your point of view. He organically mixes keywords, like the name of his current company Tektronix, into his headline, About, and Experience sections. This optimizes his profile while making his storytelling feel natural. John shares his personal insights in the About section and emphasizes looking at things differently in his cleverly customized header graphic.

Victor Casalino CFO at Microsoft

Victor Casalino

Victor’s leadership and vision are readily on display in his profile, with his board leadership role in his About section and videos of his speaking engagements and interviews showcased in the Featured section. His profile photo and header graphic play beautifully against one another, offering a polished lead-in to a comprehensive profile. The keyword-rich work Experiences, like his entry for his current role as CFO at Microsoft, round out an already impressive presence, making Victor even more of a standout.

Sally Brandtneris CFO at  Logicalis

Sally A. Brandtneris

Sally’s header graphic is the perfect example of how to make a values statement on a LinkedIn profile through visual assets. Her use of strong succinct keywords in her headline and work Experience, including her current role with Logicalis, makes her profile even more appealing from the perspective of search engines. Another standout element is Sally’s inclusion of both recent and evergreen elements in her Featured section.

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Cari Thomas CFO at Quatris Healthco

Cari Thomas

Cari’s profile tells the story of her work and her passions clearly and comprehensively. In her headline and About section she offers an opportunity to understand her better by highlighting her previous roles and the journey to her current position with Quatris Healthco. Cari’s volunteer Experience further showcases her personality and leadership, as do the Recommendations she has given to colleagues.

Chip Hull CFO at Syringa Networks

Chip Hull

Chip’s profile photo and header graphic pair together beautifully, creating a seamless introduction. In his extensive About section, he creates a snapshot of his career, offering a succinct overview of his most important achievements thus far. Chip’s Experience section highlights and offers context about priorities in each role, including his current position as Chief Financial Officer at Syringa Networks.

Sean Lannan chief financial officer at Litmos profile photo

Sean Lannan

Sean puts himself in a strong position to attract the right opportunities by paring the #OpentoWork banner on his profile photo with the type of company he wants to work for in his Headline. His Featured section showcases his contributions with his most recent employer, Aternity, further cementing his reputation as a leader in the SaaS space. Sean’s entries in his Experience section clearly illuminates his accomplishments and leadership.

Evgeny (Gene) Fetisov CFO @ LightForce profile photo

Evgeny Fetisov

When the image used as your header graphic can illustrate the company you work for and the successful IPO of that business, you are reaching a whole new level of LinkedIn proficiency. Evgeny’s profile is further enhanced by sharing significant achievements in the About section, like his senior leadership role as CFO of SEMrush. His media experience is on display in the Featured section, while his leadership and genuine appreciation for his colleagues is evidenced by the recommendations he has given.

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Make My LinkedIn Profile as Good as These Profiles

Ready to make your own LinkedIn profile more powerful?

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