Excellent LinkedIn CEO Profiles 2024

A strong online presence for CEOs has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, CEOs wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business communication tools. Here are CEOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They communicate effectively and consistently, take full advantage of LinkedIn’s features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and have built a truly compelling personal brand.

An image of Curtis Northcutt, the CEO & Co-founder of Cleanlab

Curtis Northcutt

Curtis Northcutt’s branded header graphic features not just a tagline, but a line everyone can resonate with: “AI for people + their real-world, messy data.” His headline builds credibility, noting his MIT PhD and experience at Google, Oculus, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. In his Cleanlab job description, he links to a story about Cleanlab’s $25 million funding raise. His About section is engaging and well-structured, beginning with a straightforward explanation of his work and including URLs for both his company and personal website. He then delves deeper, sharing about his research, awards he has won, how he grew up below the poverty line in rural Kentucky, and why it is important to him to democratize education and augment human learning and capabilities.

An image of Anastasia Volkova, the CEO & Co-founder of Regrow Ag

Anastasia Volkova

Anatasia Volkova’s profile offers a vivid portrayal of her expertise in agtech, immediately evident from the header graphic and “PhD” in her name. The frame around her photo expresses support for Ukraine, instantly adding a personal dimension. The headline skillfully combines keywords and awards, effectively communicating what she does and establishing her credibility. Her Education section is particularly rich, highlighting her academic accomplishments and research. She lists 13 honors and awards, various projects, volunteer work, and fluency in 8 languages, painting a picture of a well-rounded, accomplished CEO with a diverse skill set and global perspective.

An image of Joe Beard, the Co-founder & CEO at CollateralEdge

Joe Beard

Joe Beard’s About section concisely describes his company’s focus while highlighting his relevant experience in venture capital and investment banking. His Featured section highlights podcasts and a blog post that offers insights from his West Point experience. His Experience section shows the trajectory of his career and the rich background that led him to co-found CollateralEdge, and he enhances each job description with relevant photos and articles. His profile also lists six significant honors and awards, reinforcing his credibility in the industry. Joe maintains a regular posting schedule, sharing events he is attending, awards, lots of fun photos, and his enthusiasm for all things West Point.

An image of Tiffanie Stanard, the Founder & CEO of Stimulus, Inc

Tiffanie Stanard

Strategically branded, Tiffanie Stanard’s profile starts with a header graphic clearly stating her company’s focus on using data and analytics for improved corporate purchasing decisions. Her headline conveys her entrepreneurial spirit as a 3x founder, her success in securing VC funding, and her role as a media host and producer (of radio show “Philly Speaks”). The media section of her Stimulus job description highlights significant achievements: her $2.5 million seed funding, recognition in Business Insider as one of the top 10 transformative leaders in supply chain, and investment from the Penn Medicine-Wharton School Fund in her startup. Her About section provides a comprehensive overview of her career and numerous achievements, with the Honors & Awards section further detailing an impressive list of 15 accolades, illustrating her extensive contributions and recognition in her field.

An image of Mathew Cagney, the CEO of Renewtrak

Mathew Cagney

Mathew Cagney’s header graphic immediately conveys his company’s focus on delivering a higher standard of home healthcare, and his profile maintains this clarity throughout. Mathew’s experience section is also rich as he uses each job description to explain his role, responsibilities, and what he focused on while he was there.

An image of Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, the CEO & Founder of Instrumental Inc

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky’s profile showcases her involvement in manufacturing, with a clear theme across her header graphic and headline. A direct call to action and link, “Get a Demo,” invites engagement. Her job description is compelling, beginning with a striking statistic: “20 cents of every dollar spent in manufacturing is wasted ― an $8T problem,” before detailing how her company, Instrumental, addresses this issue. Her thorough Education section outlines her mechanical engineering degrees from Stanford, complete with notable GPAs for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s. Additionally, her profile is further distinguished by her impressive list of 23 patents and her proficiency in Chinese.

An image of Mark Chung, the Co-founder & CEO of Verdigris Technologies

Mark Chung

Mark Chung’s About section captures his early interest in technology, recounting an engaging story of programming tic-tac-toe as a 4th grader. The Featured section includes links to a panel discussion where he spoke about applications for AI across different industries and a case study about his company’s work for NASA. His Education section subtly combines personal growth and academic achievement, stating he “learned about life and engineering” at Stanford. In the Volunteer section, he focuses on his role in mentoring founders, showcasing his commitment to fostering new talent and contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

An image of Farah Allen, the CEO & Founder of The Labz

Farah Allen

Farah Allen’s profile immediately captures attention with a vibrant branded header graphic, prominently featuring the phrase “Immersive Virtual Experience.” She further explains in her headline, which describes her focus on technology for immersive web and metaverse experiences. She actively posts about awards, speaking engagements, and media coverage related to her and her company, The Labz. Her posts are enhanced with dynamic photos, making them stand out and engaging her audience.

An image of Raj Bhaskar, the Co-founder & CEO at Hurdlr

Raj Bhaskar

Raj Bhaskar’s profile communicates his company’s mission with a custom header graphic and a headline that gets to the point. With LinkedIn’s Creator Mode turned on, he includes a call to action that directs visitors to learn more about his company’s APIs and SDKs. He uses his About section to give readers a look into what makes him and his company tick, and his posts provide useful information relating to financial issues for small businesses.

An image of Nicole Sahin, the CEO & Founder of Globalization Partners

Nicole Sahin

The bright colors and tagline in Nicole Sahin’s header graphic grab your attention immediately, and her headline tells you that not only has she been named one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2022 by Goldman Sachs, but she is a best-selling author and philanthropic entrepreneur. Her About section gives a clear overview of what her company does, her mission, the company culture, and her dedication to nonprofit work.

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An image of Nuno Sebastiao, the Chairman and CEO of FeedZai

Nuno Sebastiao

Nuno Sebastiao’s profile tells the story of a highly accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. His header graphic emphasizes his role as a speaker as well as the many events in which his company participates. His Featured section includes the announcement of his company’s $200 million D round, $50 million C round, and his 40 Under 40 award. His profile mentions that he speaks French and German, but recent posts have also been in Portuguese, and he posts about companies he is advising as well as his own.

An image of Barbara Jones-Brown, the Founder & CEO of Freeing Returns

Barbara Jones-Brown

Barbara Jones-Brown’s profile is distinctly branded, and her header graphic immediately tells visitors that her company’s software reduces loss to save retailers money. The headline mentions her connection with Serena Ventures, and in the About section, she confirms that their seed round was led by Serena Williams’ VC fund. She actively posts about her company’s progress and accomplishments, along with her participation in speaking engagements, founder programs, and pitch events. Her posts typically include several photos, that make you feel like you are at the event with her.

An image of William Ballance, the CEO of Lavender

William Ballance

William Ballance’s profile embodies the essence of his company, Lavender, and his informal and engaging style. The header graphic is unusual and eye-catching, and William’s name has emojis embedded that symbolize the software’s functionality. The headline conveys multiple key points: the software’s purpose, its free availability for students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs, and a link to install. His About section similarly packs a punch. The first part speaks directly to their target audience, repeats the offer of free software and the URL to install, and includes stats about the improvement one of their well-known customers has achieved. The latter part offers a personal touch, using an informal tone and emojis to share his achievements and personal journey.

An image of Ashleigh Wilson, the Founder & CEO of AuditMate

Ash Wilson

Ash Wilson’s branded header graphic says “We speak elevator, but we work for you,” which immediately intrigues and makes you want to learn more. Their headline is a candid reflection of their identity and roles: “Elevator Nerd. Founder. CEO. Human. Queer.,” accompanied by their gender pronouns, They/Them. This clarity continues in the About section, which offers deeper insights into the company’s operations and their worldview, aiding in understanding their perspective and ensuring respectful and informed interactions.

An image of Shail Jain, the CEO of Farragut Systems Inc

Shail Jain

Shail Jain’s profile is a masterclass in LinkedIn storytelling. He uses his page to appeal to potential clients by demonstrating how he and his company practice what they preach, so to speak — they are doing exactly what they want to help their clients do. His About section and the narrative regarding his Experience at his own company are the most powerful areas of his profile, providing details about what drives him and how he and his organization have reached success and can help their clients do the same.

An image of Anna Zdorenko, the Founder & CEO of INCYMO.AI

Anna Zdorenko

A model of clarity and engagement, Anna Zdorenko’s profile starts with a headline rich with keywords that succinctly describe her company’s function. A clear call to action directs visitors to a webpage that explains in more detail how the software works. In the Featured section, she shares a link to subscribe to her company’s newsletter. Her About section encompasses her extensive experience working with 100+ startups, clearly articulates what her company does in a relatable manner, and touches on her personal life, revealing how she balances the demands of running a startup with family responsibilities and outside interests.

An image of Jyoti Bansal, the CEO & Co-founder of Harness

Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti Bansal is one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices, with 69K followers, underscoring his influence in the industry. His headline immediately tells you that he is the founder of multiple unicorns ― Harness, Traceable, AppDynamics, and Unusual Ventures ― immediately establishing his entrepreneurial success. In the About section, he effectively frames his work experience, providing a clear understanding of his remarkable career achievements. His Featured section includes a call-to-action to subscribe to his LinkedIn newsletter.

An image of Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI

Clara Shih

Clara Shih’s entire profile, including her status as a LinkedIn Top Voice with almost 650K followers, supports the fact that she is a dynamic tech industry entrepreneur and leader. Her Featured section is thoughtfully curated, showcasing her Masters of Scale podcast interview, an insightful article about her transition from Hearsay Labs, and reflections on a sabbatical she took a couple of years ago. She actively shares new episodes of her podcast, “Ask More of AI,” provides industry insights (particularly about AI), and frequently posts about events, speaking engagements, and Salesforce AI updates. Clara’s Experience section is comprehensive and includes board roles in addition to jobs and enriches each role with links to articles and videos. Her profile also includes nine honors and awards, two patents, and a detailed Education section.

An image of Harold Hughes, the Founder & CEO of BANDWAGON

Harold Hughes

Harold Hughes’s headshot and header graphic feature photos of him speaking on stage — immediately establishing his credibility, which is reinforced by his status as a LinkedIn Top Public Speaking Voice. In the About section, Hughes explains his company’s role in assisting event organizers and highlights his startup launchpad for Black entrepreneurs. His consistent activity on LinkedIn — marked by regular updates on company news, active engagement with founders and his network, and the sharing of valuable content and resources — further strengthens his presence. This approach not only demonstrates his expertise in the field but also his commitment to fostering a supportive and informative online community.

An image of Ramsay Brown, the CEO of Mission Control

Ramsay Brown

Ramsay Brown’s profile grabs attention with eye-catching graphics for his headshot and header. His About section speaks to customers, partners, and prospects, noting the company’s function and value while reflecting his business philosophy. For his role as CEO, he clearly outlines his focus areas and how he sees his role as CEO. His talent for demystifying complex subjects shines through, especially in the way he describes the research he conducted as part of his education. The Publications section is particularly noteworthy, offering concise, TL;DR summaries like “We built a Google Maps for the brain” and “We wrote XML for brain connectivity,” making technical achievements accessible and interesting.

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