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The way Chief Operating Officers (COOs) use LinkedIn is very different from CEOs. While CEOs are the public face of the business, COOs are the operational wizards. They deal with the internal team, so it’s no surprise that their profiles are more employee oriented. They tell the company story and highlight their ability to create impactful results, but they also share their guiding philosophies and tidbits about their life outside the boardroom. Here are some COOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence.

An image of Chris Jarvis, the COO of GoBolt

Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis’s profile catches your eye with a clean, branded header paired with an engaging headshot. His headline subtly offers a glimpse into his strategic mindset and leadership approach. The Featured section serves as a window into GoBolt’s unique value proposition, with articles that illuminate the company’s advantages in a competitive landscape. His posts cover a range of topics from significant company milestones and accolades to key events and partnerships, demonstrating progress and achievements under his guidance. He also addresses challenges within the logistics sector, showcasing his expertise and GoBolt’s proactive stance on industry issues.

An image of Nilufer Durak, the COO of Solvoyo

Nilufer Durak

Nilufer Durak’s profile header and compelling tagline immediately set a tone of innovation and forward-thinking. Her headline offers a unique perspective on the company’s mission and approach, inviting a deeper look into its operations, and a clear call to action (CTA) guides prospects into engaging further with Solvoyo. The Featured section includes two educational articles and a case study, demonstrating the company’s expertise and success in tangible ways. Her About section articulates her mission, establishing her credibility and providing insights into her leadership style and personal values. Her dedication to social impact is evident in the Volunteer and Organization sections, highlighting her efforts to support women and girls from and in Turkey, and her posts are a mix of company events, marketing campaigns, and team highlights, all shared with grace and a sense of humor.

An image of Eric Pritchett, the President and COO of Terzo

Eric Pritchett

With a powerful header, including a branded screenshot that catches the eye and succinctly introduces AI, Eric Pritchett’s profile immediately provides insights into the company’s operations. A single, matching link in the Featured section drives traffic to Terzo’s website, showcasing a focused approach to online engagement. His About section concisely explains Terzo’s mission and services, while simultaneously building credibility by highlighting his background. His posts celebrate partnerships, announce company news, and invite discussion about AI and its transformative impact on the industry.

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An image of Rose Bentley, the COO of Foundant Technologies

Rose Bentley

With 7K+ followers, Rose Bentley’s clarity of purpose shines through a profile header that effectively communicates the company’s value proposition and her headline, which reveals her priorities, values, and leadership styles. The Featured section establishes her credibility, showcasing articles from her tenure as CEO at Qumu, where she earned recognition as one of the top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2022. Her About section is a rich blend of career milestones and insights into her leadership philosophy, offering a glimpse into the principles that guide her decision-making and team management. She also owns a day spa and is a member of Vistage. Her current focus at Fondant appears to be on expanding the team, as evidenced by her sharing of job postings, perhaps signaling a phase of growth and opportunity under her leadership.

An image of Touraj Parang, the President and COO of Serve Robotics

Touraj Parang

Touraj Parang captures the attention of his 9.5K+ followers with a header graphic that displays his book alongside other bestsellers, immediately establishing his authority and success. His headline solidifies his credibility with details of his investing prowess, successful exits, and authorship. The Featured section highlights his thought leadership with links to his newsletter and book. His About section skillfully uses bolded fonts to make his impressive career highlights stand out — and easy to read. In addition to his book and his work as President, COO, and board member at Serve Robotics, his career includes a patent, three honors, four additional publications, and fluency in 2 languages besides English. His posts are filled with energy and candid opinions, demonstrating his willingness to engage in meaningful discussions. He actively seeks feedback and interacts with his followers, creating a vibrant and dynamic community around his profile.

An image of Rhian Thompson, the COO of Tantus Technologies

Rhian Thompson

Rhian Thompson’s profile starts with a well-branded header and a headline that strategically notes her stellar certifications (including SAFe POPM and LPM, CSM, ITIL, and PMP) and highlights her active Top Secret clearance. The Featured section consists of her own posts, offering insights into her thought process and approaches to challenges, while her About section delves into what drives her, how she sees her role, and how she thinks about her team. She actively posts and shares about her involvement in speaking engagements, events, and company news, emphasizing her role in shaping the narrative and culture at Tantus.

An image of Kevin Wong, the Co-Founder & Coo of Nulogy

Kevin Wong

Co-founder and COO of Nulogy, Kevin Wong’s profile header shows how to turn a stock photo into a compelling, branded image. His call-to-action links directly to the company’s website, and his Featured section celebrates inclusivity and achievements, highlighting a post about women at Nulogy alongside two significant company milestones. The About section narrates his journey of initiating various functions within the company, and his current job description builds credibility, offering insights into his role and the unique moniker for Nulogy employees (“Nulogites”), enhancing a sense of community and identity within the company. His accomplishments include two patents, alongside commitments to four volunteer organizations, reflecting his commitment to giving back. Kevin actively shares updates on company news, events, and speaking engagements, and celebrates the “wicked smart” individuals on his team.

An image of Chrissy McGarry, the Chief Operating Officer at Second Front

Chrissy McGarry

Chrissy McGarry’s vibrant header graphic and keyword-rich headline set the tone for her profile. Branding herself as a “Force Multiplier in Sales & Marketing,” she instantly captures interest and goes deeper in the Featured section, which showcases her book recommendations, a spotlight in Authority Magazine’s “Women Of The C-Suite” series, and her insightful articles. Her About section redefines the image of successful leadership, highlighting her journey as a “working mom” and tech startup COO, while establishing her credibility through her experiences and personal approach to her role. She actively engages her audience with updates on company news, events, their podcast, contributions to other podcasts, and her take on industry news.

An image of Tom Keiser, the Chief Operating Officer of Carta

Tom Keiser

A LinkedIn Top Voice with 19K+ followers, Carta COO Tom Keiser draws you into his profile with a branded header and an About section that tells a compelling narrative of his career journey ― including stints as CEO at Hootsuite and COO/CIO at Zendesk ― and his passion for problem-solving and team building. It also includes three volunteer roles with years of service as a board member of nonprofits. He actively posts about company news and events, enriched with his unique insights, and he regularly comments with encouragement on others’ posts.

An image of Vidya Murthy, the COO at MedCrypt

Vidya Murthy

Vidya Murthy’s profile header is not branded, but the photo promises readers they are meeting someone on an adventure. Her Featured section is a treasure trove, showcasing an article on medical device security, a video interview highlighting the significance of non-technical and diverse talents in security, and her contribution to the McKinsey Healthcare Quarterly. The About section reveals her reputation as a results-driven professional, offering glimpses into her career milestones. Her job description says she “is living the start-up dream working at Medcrypt,” and her posts share company news and events and advocate for the critical role of security and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

An image of Henry Hund, the Chief Operating Officer of Aptible

Henry Hund

Aptible COO Henry Hund’s profile header and headline dive into educating readers on the benefits of the platform. His call-to-action link invites you to try their software — a direct approach to engagement. The Featured section links to the company blog and an insightful article comparing PaaS vs. IaaS, offering valuable resources to his audience. The About section reveals the breadth of his roles and diverse projects, and the Education section details not only his academic achievements but also his involvement in extracurricular activities. His thoughtful posts not only reflect on the challenges of running and expanding a business but also underscore the importance of persistence, open communication, and constructive feedback.

An image of Annie Tsai, the chief operating officer of Interact

Annie Tsai

Annie Tsai’s profile headline notes that she’s a COO but it also identifies her as an early-stage investor and advisor and a community builder, which is apparent with her 6K followers. Her call-to-action link invites readers to “Make your free AI quiz now,” and takes them to an appropriate landing page on the Interact website. She also writes for the San Mateo Daily Journal, and the Featured section showcases her articles. Her About section builds credibility, detailing how she has grown non-technical teams for companies on four continents. It also includes the type of companies she invests in and where to find her on other social platforms. With seven volunteer roles and two publications, Annie’s profile showcases her diverse skill set. She consistently shares updates from her company, her engagements in various organizations, and the local tech ecosystem.

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