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LinkedIn has become the cornerstone of professional branding, making it essential for senior executives to distinguish themselves. The profiles below are a testament to the transformative power of a strategic LinkedIn presence. Each Chief Revenue Officer or VP of Sales featured has leveraged LinkedIn to not only enhance their personal brand by showcasing their achievements, expertise, and thought leadership but also to open doors to new business development, partnerships, and industry recognition, ultimately contributing to their and their company’s success.

an image of Mark Kodoglow, the chief revenue officer at catalyst software

Mark Kosoglow

Mark’s profile showcases a distinctive approach to personal branding, skillfully blending a striking branded header with an engaging headline that prompts viewers to rethink customer roles in business growth. With 47K followers, the Featured section presents his direct contributions, like crafted sales playbooks and insightful discussions on demos and pricing, underlining his expertise. His About section narrates his career journey from his teenage years, demonstrating how each role has refined his professional identity. Mark’s posts are characterized by their opinionated yet actionable insights, offering practical advice and solidifying his thought leadership in sales strategy.

an image of Jaimie Buss, the chief revenue officer at deputy

Jaimie Buss

Jaimie’s profile is a testament to her strategic leadership in sales, highlighted by a keyword-rich headline and an About section that not only shares her accomplishments but also sheds light on her leadership philosophy. The inclusion of podcasts and a blog post about evolving high-performing sales reps into managers in her Featured content underscores her commitment to leadership development. Jaimie’s rich career history, documented throughout her Experience section, showcases her strategic insight and the depth of her experience in leading sales teams to success.

an image of Sam Alkharrat, the chief revenue officer and executive vice president at<br />

Sam Alkharrat

Sam’s profile shines with a branded header accompanied by a catchy tagline, signaling his strategic and impactful approach to business. His Featured content celebrates key milestones such as his role at Ceridian (now Dayforce), involvement in company rebranding at aiXplain (he’s an investor and board member), and other influential contributions. The detailed descriptions of his past roles and board memberships, complemented by his wide range of active volunteerism, paint a picture of a deeply engaged and multifaceted business leader. Sam’s posts range from company innovations to leadership insights and reflect his commitment to fostering growth and innovation.

an image of vikas shah, the chief revenue officer at LSQ

Vikas Shah

Vikas’s profile is a comprehensive display of his professional journey, featuring a branded header and a keyword-rich headline that offers insight into his company’s operations. The Featured section highlights his appearances as a guest on two podcasts and an article quoting him on a significant partnership announcement. His About section summarizes his skills effectively, while the Experience section details his responsibilities and achievements. Vikas includes three volunteer experiences — two currently active — which demonstrate his commitment to giving back. His posts frequently cover podcasts, speaking engagements, and company articles, emphasizing his active participation in industry conversations.

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an image of Ann Neir, the chief revenue officer at mindtickle

Ann Neir

Ann’s profile headline builds credibility by listing the well-known companies she has worked for. She actively blogs about go-to-market (GTM) strategy, and her About section shares her perspective on scaling businesses, outlining her current and prior roles with a keyword-rich narrative. In the Experience section, each job begins with a concise description of Ann’s role and responsibilities, followed by a high-level explanation of the company’s operations, catering to those unfamiliar with these businesses. Impressively, Ann holds a Master’s, PhD, and a law degree, highlighting her extensive education. Her volunteer work with Girls on the Run and her board certification not only underscore her interest in board roles but also demonstrate her commitment to leadership and community involvement.

an image of Rich Liu, the chief revenue and business officer at Everlaw

Rich Liu

Rich’s profile stands out with a branded header, immediately signaling his professional stature. The headline showcases his prestigious former roles at well-known companies, setting the stage for his impressive career trajectory. The About section captures attention with a compelling introduction of Rich as a “biomedical engineer turned COO/CBO/CRO and investor, having scaled multi-billion dollar unicorns across two IPOs.” It also highlights his recognition as a Top 100 Global Sales Leader and his mission of “building legendary organizations, who transcend their era and their industry by fundamentally changing the way people live and work.” Each role in the Experience section is meticulously detailed, beginning with company size, followed by his specific role and significant accomplishments in that position. Rich engages his network through posts about company news, new deals and partnerships, speaking engagements, and the transformative role of AI in the world of law.

an image of Dustin Joost, the chief revenue officer at osano

Dustin Joost

Dustin’s profile grabs attention with a branded header and a headline that blends the company’s mission, keywords reflecting his role, and the announcement that he’s hiring. The Featured section showcases a trio of achievements ― company news highlighting record-breaking performance, an honor celebrating Dustin as one of the 40 CROs to watch, and an award recognizing the company’s workplace environment. The About section delves into Dustin’s approach to his role, showcasing the breadth of his experience peppered with strategic keywords. He shares insights on his philanthropic efforts and personal life, including his family and golden retriever. His commitment to giving back is evident in his 11 volunteer experiences. Dustin frequently posts about company news, focusing on open jobs and significant achievements like their Series B funding round, keeping his network informed and engaged with the company’s journey and successes.

an image of Joan Leroux, the chief revenue officer at Kipu Health

Joan Leroux

Joan’s profile immediately impresses with its eye-catching header graphic, setting a strong first impression. The Featured section highlights her dedication to gender equality at Kipu, showcases an interview that delves into her insights, and celebrates her recognition as one of the Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS of 2020. Beyond her professional success, Joan’s profile also underscores her commitment to social causes, with three volunteer experiences demonstrating her active engagement in making a difference. This blend of achievements and advocacy presents Joan as a leader who not only excels in her field but also passionately contributes to meaningful change.

an image of Ceasar Chevalier, the chief revenue officer at foleon

Ceasar Chevalier

Ceasar’s profile stands out with a branded header, instantly establishing his professional identity. At publication, he was using LinkedIn’s “Hiring” frame, signaling his active search for talent. His headline reveals a multifaceted career: Not only is he the CRO of Foleon, but he also thrives as a GTM advisor and angel investor. Interestingly, the Featured section is omitted, focusing attention on his other profile elements. The About section intriguingly notes, “There was something boring written here; check back soon, and I’ll tell you more about who I really am,” promising a deeper glimpse into his personal and professional ethos in the future. This blend of clear professional distinction and a hint of mystery invites connections to engage and learn more about Ceasar’s journey and expertise.

an image of Jill Guardia, the chief revenue officer at thought industries

Jill Guardia

Jill’s profile draws attention with its branded header graphic, setting a professional yet creative tone. Her intriguing headline, “Leveraging my superpower to build high performing teams, well oiled processes and sales excellence,” piques curiosity about her unique strengths and approach to leadership. The Featured section provides a deeper dive into her mindset, showcasing a podcast and two interviews that offer valuable insights into her strategies and philosophies. Jill’s regular posts, marked by a conversational style and the use of the #network hashtag, invite interaction by asking questions and seeking advice on specific situations. Her upbeat, friendly, and personable tone not only reflects her approachable nature but also fosters a genuine connection with her audience.

an image of Dan Nordale, the chief revenue officer at Symbl.ai

Dan Nordale

Dan’s profile grabs attention with a branded header featuring a striking screenshot, immediately hinting at his professional focus. His headline succinctly explains what he does, offering a clear introduction to his expertise. The About section speaks directly to prospects, detailing why they need the services his company provides, effectively turning his profile into a compelling pitch. Through regular updates about Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI, as well as sharing insights on events his team participates in, Dan maintains a consistent presence. He enriches company posts with personal commentary, fostering a connection with his network and underscoring his engagement in the tech community.

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