Excellent LinkedIn CMO & VP of Marketing Profiles

Who best understands and harnesses the power of LinkedIn? In our humble opinion, no one shines brighter than marketers. The Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and VPs of Marketing on this list provide a mini master class on how to stand out and drive impact. Explore their profiles to find insights into how they engage with their audience, showcase their professional journey, and contribute to their companies’ growth.

An image of Dara Treseder, the CMo of Autodesk

Dara Treseder

Dara’s profile captures attention with a dynamic header and engaging profile photo (so much more than a headshot). Her headline smartly incorporates her title and board roles, enhancing her professional standing, which is also reflected by her recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice and her 120K followers on the platform. Her CTA link leads readers to the Forbes article that named her as #1 among the 50 Most Influential CMOs. Her About section, written in third person, is rich with accomplishments, setting a high bar for what follows ― an impressive record outlined in her Experience section, including 20 honors and awards. Dara’s engagement on LinkedIn is frequent, insightful, and often personal. She shares insights about Autodesk, speaking engagements, and social issues, enriching her profile with photos that make you feel like you are part of her exciting life.

An image of Darryl Praill, the CMO of Agropulse

Darryl Praill

With 18K followers, Darryl creates a strong visual presence on LinkedIn with a branded header and top-notch headshot. His headline is a testament to his accolades and professional stature. The Featured section and About content work in tandem to present a clear picture of Darryl’s identity, professional journey, and achievements, making it easy for viewers to quickly understand who he is and how to reach him. His Experience section includes descriptions and uploads for depth, and his involvement in education and board leadership highlights his commitment to the broader community. Darryl’s posts stand out for their freshness, honesty, and utility, often accompanied by his insights and a preference for video content, making his profile a source of engaging and valuable perspectives.

An image of Kady Srinivasan, the CMO of Lightspeed

Kady Srinivasan

Starting with her engaging headshot and credibility-building headline, Kady presents a compelling narrative with her well-crafted LinkedIn profile to her 5K followers. Her headline underscores her significant roles in well-known companies, her involvement in three IPOs, and her advisory position in the venture space. The Featured and About sections convey a personal yet highly professional image, emphasizing her IPO expertise. Kady’s Experience section details her accomplishments across roles, demonstrating her impact and leadership. Her consistent posts, ranging from company insights to her views on the CMO role and life reflections, enrich her presence, making it a blend of professional excellence and personal insight.

an image of Aruna Ravichandran, the senior vp & cmo of webex cisco

Aruna Ravichandran

Aruna uses her LinkedIn profile as a platform to express her marketing philosophy and her support for women in STEM. Her striking header, depicting pyramids she recently visited, along with her headline citing her role at Webex by Cisco, board member status, and advocacy, set a distinct tone for her profile, which has garnered 22K followers. The About and detailed Experience sections highlight her professional achievements and board roles, including 12 projects and 16 honors. Aruna’s posts are frequent, thoughtful, and meaningful, providing insights into who she is as a leader and a human in addition to a CMO.

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An image of Andrew Davies, the CMO of Paddle.

Andrew Davies

Andrew creates a dynamic LinkedIn presence with a visually stunning, branded header and a headline that encapsulates his roles — current and previous — and a personal value proposition. The Featured section is enriched with a video interview, highlights from SaaStr, and an explanation of Paddle‘s operations. His About section succinctly captures his career highlights and personal mission, including this attention-grabbing close: “My career goal is three-fold: always to be the dumbest person in the room, always to be on the side of the disruptor, & always to encourage, serve & value those around me.” With 9,700+ followers, Andrew’s frequent posts about Paddle and its team — accompanied by lots of photos — showcase his commitment to the company and its culture.

an image of Denise Vu Broady, the chief marketing officer (cmo) of collibra

Denise Vu Broady

Denise crafts a personal and compelling narrative on LinkedIn, starting with a branded header and an About section that narrates her journey to America as a refugee and her mission to enhance workplace experiences through software. The Featured section offers links to articles about her and written by her for Forbes, and a few of her podcast appearances. Her Experience section offers details about her professional experience and her board roles. Regular posts about her team at Collibra, AI governance, and the honors she continues to receive illustrate her active engagement and leadership in technology.

An image of Michelle Taite, the CMO of Intuit Mailchimp

Michelle Taite

Michelle’s header graphic brings a burst of color to LinkedIn, and her About section, written in third-person narration, highlights her career and accomplishments. The Featured section showcases her involvement in notable publications and recognitions, including being named one of the most innovative CMOs of 2023 by Business Insider. She talks about Intuit, MailChimp, and email marketing in general, in addition to sharing her podcast interviews, team accomplishments, her new board role, and her thoughts on current events.

An image of Jacqueline Woods, the CMO of Teradata

Jacqueline Woods

Jacqueline immediately establishes her credibility and expertise through her profile’s header graphic and headline, which notes not only her role at Teradata but also her board and trustee roles. The Featured section spotlights her awards and media mentions, and her About and Experience sections reveal a career of impact and innovation. Posts about her company achievements, personal milestones, and reflections on her unique birthdate add a personal dimension to her professional persona.

An image of Merve Nazlioglu, the Senior VP of Marketing of Insider

Merve Nazlioglu

Merve’s profile features an engaging blend of professional achievements and personal insights. Her branded header sets the stage for a profile that is both professional and inviting. The About section begins with phrases (and a couple of well-placed emojis) that describe her background, abilities, and interests. It includes her career highlights, current job responsibilities, and more personal aspects, such as several books that have inspired her. The Featured section references her SaaStock talk and celebrates new funding ($105 million) and her team. The details in her Experience section paint a picture of a dedicated and successful CMO.

An image of Ash Parikh, the CMO at Trellix

Ash Parikh

Ash showcases his expertise with a vibrant, colorful branded header that immediately draws attention to Trellix and their mission. His headline is rich with keywords that build credibility and outline his broad marketing experience. The Featured section highlights his recognition as one of the top 100 CMOs in technology, alongside contributions to Forbes and guest appearances on podcasts. His About section is rich with accomplishments and offers insights into his approach and philosophy. Ash’s experience section not only details his roles but also quantifies his achievements, showcasing a track record of success and innovation.

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