How to Check Out a Business Online

When you need to hire a contractor or seek a partner, how do you decide which companies to consider and choose a winner? Sure, you could do a Google search and Better Business Bureau check. And those are good places to start. Still it only reveals so much about a […]

Building Trust Online: Using Social Media

Being transparent is another important part of building trust. And social media offers a great forum for that. But what does it mean? Why is it a good thing? Transparency means showing others who you are – by being yourself, open and honest. Your actions and communications give people a […]

How Social Media Affects the Customer Decision Journey

Marketing’s main goal is to reach customers at the right time when they’re ready to receive the specific message. For years, they have relied on the traditional purchasing funnel that begins with the wide end of the funnel where customers search for brands that offer potential solutions. The company does […]

Social Media Tools for Financial Advisors

Many financial advisors remain understandably leery about using social media especially in the face of regulatory compliance. However, they may be losing out on opportunities. According to the Cogent’s research report, “Social Media’s Impact on Personal Finance and Investing,” one-third of affluent investors use social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, […]

How to Nurture Leads Online Using Social Media

Today’s guest post comes from Nathaniel Mollen, a student of philosophy at Ursinus College. Marketing is only a little like metaphysics, but it’s made him somewhat of an expert in making dry topics both clear and interesting. Lead nurturing is not really a new idea, but the term “lead nurturing,” […]

3 Social Media Guidelines for Financial Advisors

Although many financial advisors would like to get out there in social media, they’ve been cautious and with good reason. A July 2013 SEI poll of 200 advisors has found less than a third of respondents use social media.  They’re concerned about broker dealers, regulatory compliance, time and cost, archiving […]

Did you know people are talking about you and your company…. And what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Today’s post comes from social marketing expert Randy Hlavac. Many business managers have heard of social monitoring but think it is costly, complex, and require you hire specialists.  These are all false.  There are social monitoring systems which allow you to quickly monitor your company, your products and your competitors.  […]

38 Twitter Ideas for Restaurants and Franchises

Twitter gives restaurant and franchise owners and employees a place to connect with customers, listen to customer feedback and get ideas. Yes, you want to promote your restaurant to compel people to stop by. However, focus on that too much and it’s a recipe for social media disaster. Successful Twitter […]

How to Amplify Your Social Network

is a powerful concept that is important to understand when you are setting goals for social networking programs. In my last two blog posts, I talked about what social capital is and how you can measure social capital. Amplifying an individual, business, or any resource within your network results in […]

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