CEO Profiles on LinkedIn: 10 More Excellent Examples

linkedin profile examples for ceos

Have you seen what other CEOs are doing on LinkedIn? Viewing other CEO profiles is a great way to get ideas for your own LinkedIn presence. It’s been nearly three years since we published our first blog post highlighting 10 great examples of LinkedIn CEO profiles. Since then, LinkedIn has […]

Creating a Great Facebook Fan Page: For Small Businesses

Today we’re delighted to have a guest post about Facebook marketing from Craig Robinson of Qwaya. If you’re reading this article and have a small business you want to promote on Facebook, we’re going to go ahead and assume that you already know how to create ads and what you […]

Theme 7: Ask for Help

Your seventh theme for social media marketing (and the last in this series) is to let people help you. When you ask people for small favors – that they can easily do – you are helping them feel good about themselves. And then they also feel good about you. I […]

Theme 5: Show That You’re Connected

Your fifth theme for your social media marketing is to show who is connected with you. This is the whole point of social media! If you can show that other people – particularly people your prospects respect – have checked you out and decided to get involved with you, then […]

Get a Couple More Clients

Are you looking for a few more clients? The easiest way to have a steady stream of leads is to set up a simple nurture marketing program designed to get referrals. Most small businesses are built on referrals. They are the easiest leads to close. They tend to close faster, […]

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