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Jul 27, 2022 | Branding, Executive Social, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Profile, Online Presence

As the title implies, chief financial officers focus on the money—tracking cash flow, analyzing company financial strengths and weaknesses, and strategically adjusting for optimum outcomes. Constantly vigilant and key to continuity and growth, CFOs assess the present and evaluate the past to ensure success in the future.

Some CFOs choose to keep a low profile and avoid social media, but they are missing opportunities to support and strengthen their companies. A strong profile and active presence on LinkedIn enable CFOs to build influence and credibility—for themselves and the company.

CFOs in the know engage in these best practices on LinkedIn:

Start with a great profile headshot and then use the background graphic to highlight your company and its mission, message, or successes. Make full use of your headline, including not only your title but also how you/the company help clients or solve problems.

  • Use the About section to share your professional story—what’s important to you, the journey of how you got where you are, why you keep doing what you do—and with this particular company. Craft this section for the people—investors, board members, stockholders, employees, even regulators and the media—who need to know you are knowledgeable, engaged in your industry, and trustworthy.
  • Highlight your recent achievements and newsworthy company announcements in the Featured section. In specific job descriptions, offer a high-level view of your work and note past accomplishments. Consider bullet points in each position to show the impact of your work (and embed keywords, so you rank high in searches and are findable).
  • Start conversations and build thought leadership with articles (blogs) that offer your point of view on industry issues and current events, risk and regulations, the future, and meaningful insights into financial trends.
  • Boost your company’s influence and position through posts with real-time information for investors and employees. Posting is your opportunity to broadcast news from your perspective, with some control over the narrative, whether the news is good—or not so good.
  • Build goodwill by liking and commenting on other employees’ posts. Kudos and good news bring positive attention to you, your company, and its employees, and it keeps your company top of mind—in the best way—amid the noise of social media.
  • Connect with other CFOs and industry executives, and engage in conversations with them. Encourage others, share your viewpoint, and invest in relationships that will pay off now and in the future.

When you deploy LinkedIn as a dynamic tool in your communications strategy, you showcase your abilities and impact while building and deepening credibility and interest in your company.

What does an excellent profile of a CFO look like?

Victor Casalino’s
leadership and vision are on immediate display in his profile, with his board leadership role in his About section and videos of his speaking engagements and interviews showcased in the Featured section. His profile photo and header graphic play beautifully against one another, offering a polished lead-in to a comprehensive profile. The keyword-rich work Experiences, like his entry for his current role as CFO at Microsoft, round out an already impressive presence, making Victor even more of a standout.

Victor Casalino CFO at Microsoft

Cari Thomas’s
profile clearly and comprehensively tells the story of her work and her passions. In her headline and About section, she offers an opportunity to understand her better by highlighting her previous roles and the journey to her current position with Quatris Healthco. Cari’s volunteer Experience further showcases her personality and leadership, as do the Recommendations she has given to colleagues.

Cari Thomas CFO at Quatris Healthco

Want to see more? Check out our gallery of excellent CFO profiles.

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