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With almost all of your business interactions now virtual, your online presence has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, Chief Operating Officers wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business tools. Here are COOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They use LinkedIn’s newest features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and define their personal brand.

*This list has been updated in 2024.

Lori Harmon LinkedIn

Seujan Betram

Seujan’s profile is a standout example of a values-driven leader with a clear vision. Her far-reaching experience and business philosophy are made clear in her headline and emphasized in her About section. Seujan uses her Featured section to amplify her vision, using links to her own articles to do so. Her Experience section is beautifully composed and complete, detailing her current role as COO at  NetBase Quid.

Gina O'Reilly

Gina O’Reilly

Gina’s header graphic shows an effective and visually appealing example of using brand-focused imagery. Her About and Featured sections emphasize her passion for her role as COO and advocate for the company, Nitro, as a great place to work. Gina’s Experience entries define her roles with current and previous companies and highlight specific skills.

Ernie Hu COO at CAST profile photo

Ernie Hu

Ernie offers an excellent example of a thorough profile that delivers impact for this COO. His photo and header graphic create a striking entry point supported by the wealth of information about his current company, CAST, displayed in his Featured section. Ernie’s About and Experience sections paint a comprehensive picture of a global leader with vast experience.

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Lane Greever

Lane Greever

Lane does a standout job of using his About section to describe his business philosophy, specialties, and recent news about his company, Akkodis, where he is COO for North America. His header graphic is an excellent example of using company imagery that conveys the story of their work. Lane shares a great mix of articles in his Featured section and makes the most of his Experience entries, discussing individual and company achievements.

Dough Dooley coo at data theorem profile pic

Doug Dooley

Doug uses the Experience section of his profile to chronicle his extensive career, delivering a succinct catalog of his work, including his current role as COO at Data Theorem. His headline continues the trend of impact and brevity, sharing his most significant labels paired with a stunning header graphic as an inviting entry point. Doug’s Featured section showcases news about his current company.

Mickey Meehan COO at Conductiv profile photo

Mickey Meehan

Mickey uses his headline and his About section to make a strong statement about his role and objectives. His Featured section showcases previous promotions as well as industry thought leadership. Mickey’s detailed Experience entries map the course of his growth over multiple years with his current company, Conductiv, demonstrating his strengths and capabilities.

Kunwar Arora

Kunwar Arora

Kunwar’s profile is an example of effectively showcasing a global leader with far-reaching experience on LinkedIn. His Featured section shows his skills as a public speaker and thought leader, while Kunwar’s About section elaborates on his achievements and professional experience. By detailing his contributions at each company he’s worked for in his Experience entries, including his current role as COO at APCER Life Sciences, Kunwar proves the indisputable impact of his leadership.

Make My LinkedIn Profile as Good as These Profiles

Ready to make your own LinkedIn profile more powerful?

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