Excellent LinkedIn CEO Profiles 2023

Over the past couple of years, a strong online presence for CEOs has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, CEOs wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business tools. Here are CEOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They take full advantage of LinkedIn’s features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and have built a truly compelling personal brand.

*This list has been updated in 2024.

An image of Joe Beard, the Co-founder & CEO at CollateralEdge

Joe Beard

The contrast between Joe’s header graphic and profile picture is eye-catching, and he speaks to potential clients throughout his profile. While his entire profile is both attractive and informative, the way Joe uses his About section and the links attached to his current roles to discuss the missions and success of his companies’ ventures as well as his personal business achievements is outstanding.

An image of Raj Bhaskar, the Co-founder & CEO at Hurdlr
Raj Bhaskar

Raj’s profile communicates his company’s mission with a custom header graphic and a headline that gets to the point. With LinkedIn’s Creator Mode turned on, he includes hashtags showing the topics he talks about and a call to action that directs visitors to learn more about his company’s APIs and SDKs. Raj uses his About section to give readers a look into what makes him and his company tick, and his Featured section showcases articles about key partnerships and accolades his company has received.

An image of Kimberly Bryant, the Founder and CEO at Ascend Ventures
Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly’s highly visual profile is powerful right from the start. While every section showcases her intelligence, drive, and dedication to the causes that are closest to her heart, her Featured section is particularly notable for its personal touch, with the posts being personally written rather than being written by others. Kimberly’s profile is a tribute to all she has accomplished and is trying to accomplish. She is an inspiration to not only Black women, but to all those who seek to make a difference.

An image of Mahe Bayireddi, the Co-Founder and CEO at Phenom
Mahe Bayireddi

Mahe’s header graphic is simple, yet highly effective at instantly informing potential customers about his company’s mission — and his passion. His Publications and Honors sections clearly demonstrate his expertise, but Mahe’s About section is particularly strong for enticing his audience to learn even more. This section is specifically crafted to not only talk about what his company does, but also to share a glimpse of how Mahe thinks as a leader and how the company determines customers’ needs. It’s very professional, a little technical, and a lot human.

An image of Kevin Dedner, the CEO of Hurdle Health
Kevin Dedner, MPH

Kevin’s role as a leading voice for change in the public health industry, with a focus on mental healthcare for marginalized communities, shines throughout his LinkedIn profile. His About and Experience sections, which discuss his background, his passions, and his accomplishments, are particularly strong for reaching organizations in need of new board members, as well as individuals and organizations seeking a public speaker as he explores the next public health challenge he will tackle.

An image of Gina Bianchini, the CEO & Founder of Mighty Networks
Gina Bianchini

Gina has a distinct passion for creating communities, and as a LinkedIn Top Voice with nearly 218K followers, she uses her profile to demonstrate that she isn’t just a talker, but a person of action. Gina does an amazing job of attracting new clients through her graphics, which utilize a color palette that evokes a sense of positive energy, and a consistent message that’s exciting, encouraging, and purposeful.

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An image of Rose Bentley, the CEO of Qumu Corporation
Rose Bentley

Rose’s profile demonstrates how executives can weave their ideas and values into the fabric of their profile. Beginning with her headline and header graphic, she communicates her belief in technology, connection, and advocacy, as well as her role as COO at Qumu Corporation. Rose continues this with her strong Featured section, pulling in thought leadership and media coverage about herself and her work. Her About section and Experience entries complete this comprehensive and detailed profile.

An image of Swish Goswami, the CEO of Surf
Swish Goswami

Swish is an extremely busy entrepreneur, investor, and author who has amassed an impressive number of business, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic achievements since co-founding his first venture in 2015. His extensive About section and list of Publications not only appeal to potential clients, but they are a strong draw for those who are looking for a public speaker to discuss mental health, entrepreneurship, or social media marketing.

An image of Shamsh Hadi, the Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign
Shamsh Hadi

Shamsh’s profile starts with a strong headline that tells people what he and his company are all about. He uses his profile to appeal to potential customers, utilizing every section to emphasize his and his company’s dedication to using blockchain technology to secure and provide an indisputable chain of custody for digital transactions. Bringing attention to his education, the awards his company has received, and articles about what the company is doing, Shamsh demonstrates credibility and expertise.

An image of Leah Houston, the CEO and Founder of HPEC
Leah Houston, MD

Leah’s profile is a study in clean graphics and well-written text. Leah’s About section clearly explains how her company’s apps solve complex problems faced by healthcare providers in the U.S., as well as how her experience as an emergency physician spurs her passion for her work with technology and as a nationally requested public speaker. The text for her Experience with the company she founded goes a step further to invite physicians to learn more through the website.

An image of Ruben Harris, the CEO of Career Karma
Ruben Harris

Ruben is passionate about his work with underserved communities. Beginning with his headline, which notes his startup’s standing as part of the Y Combinator accelerator’s Winter 2019 batch, Ruben uses his LinkedIn presence to appeal to potential clients and partners. His profile tells the story of his own journey and emphasizes his dedication to the cause he so deeply cares about. In addition to maintaining his profile, Ruben engages others and has been named a LinkedIn Top Voice through his insightful posts and frequent comments on posts that are relative to his audience.

An image of Shail Jain, the CEO of Farragut Systems Inc
Shail Jain

Shail’s profile is a masterclass in LinkedIn storytelling. He uses his page to appeal to potential clients by demonstrating how he and his company practice what they preach, so to speak — they are doing exactly what they want to help their clients do. His About section and the narrative regarding his Experience at his own company are the most powerful areas of his profile, providing details about what drives him and how he and his organization have reached success and can help their clients do the same.

An image of Jessica Matthews, the Founder and CEO of Uncharted
Jessica O. Matthews

Jessica has accomplished more in the last 10 years than most people do in their entire lives. A board member for multiple organizations, the founder and CEO of her own technology company, and a prolific public speaker and thought leader, Jessica strategically uses her About and Experience sections to discuss her background and impressive list of achievements, inspiring and connecting with individuals and organizations that have the desire to see technology help improve people’s overall standard of life, as well as women of all races and life stages.

An image of Jett McCandless, the Founder & CEO of project44
Jett McCandless

Jett and his company are true industry leaders, and his profile immediately begins speaking to potential clients and partners with a stunning header graphic and profile photo combination. While he uses the Featured section to good advantage, his About section stands out with details about his company’s incredible achievements as well as the recognitions he has personally received as a business leader.

An image of Derrick L. Miles, the CEO of CourMed
Derrick L. Miles

Derrick makes excellent use of his header graphic to display both his company’s logo and a significant achievement for his company. His About and Featured sections balance personal and professional details, offering points of interest (such as his multiple patents) that encourage visitors to scroll down and learn more. In his Experience entries, Derrick offers brief but illuminating descriptions of his most recent roles, giving further insight into his background.

An image of Padmasree Warrior, the Founder & CEO of Fable
Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree’s header graphic hints that there’s more to this tech leader than business. In addition to currently sitting on the Board of Directors for two of the largest players in the tech sector, she has partially turned her sights in a different direction — helping others to become better leaders and build better companies. Padmasree’s Activity section is where the magic happens. She connects with her followers by sharing her weekly newsletter, which discusses leadership tips and some of her personal achievements, as well as sharing posts that relate to her favorite causes.

An image of Hari Ravichandran, the Founder & CEO of Aura
Hari Ravichandran

Hari’s profile speaks to potential customers and partners alike. He focuses on sharing what one of his companies is doing to make the internet safer and teach individuals how to protect themselves and their personal information online. With his personal and company brands intertwined, the consistent message that Hari presents with his Featured section and frequent posts on LinkedIn make his profile one that makes people come back to time and again.

An image of Nuno Sebastiao, the Chairman and CEO of FeedZai
Nuno Sebastiano

Nuno’s profile is designed to speak to organizations looking for an experienced tech investor, advisor, or in-demand public speaker. His custom header graphic emphasizes his role as a speaker as well as his company, and his keyword-rich About section makes it easy for potential clients to discover his profile in a search.

An image of Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI
Clara Shih

Clara’s entire profile, including her status as a LinkedIn Top Voice, supports the fact that she is a dynamic tech industry entrepreneur and leader. Her profile incorporates several relevant keywords that potential clients and employees might search for, as well as organizations in need of a public speaker. One feature of her profile that truly stands out is her use of links in her Experience section. While they are a standard in the Featured section for many LinkedIn users, they aren’t frequently used to highlight company or personal accomplishments in the Experience section. Clara’s use of them here is effective and, some might say, brilliant.

An image of Abhinav Shashank, the CEO of Innovaccer
Abhinav Shashank

The About section of Abhinav’s profile is skillfully written to attract both potential clients and employees. It delivers a ton of useful information in a relatively short number of words, making it both effective and efficient while incorporating relevant keywords to make him discoverable on the platform. Another impressive feature is the graphics, from the custom header collage to those attached to his Featured posts, which make Abhinav’s profile a visual masterpiece.

An image of Dean Sysman, the CEO & Co-founder of Axonius
Dean Sysman

Dean is a powerhouse in the cybersecurity industry, and with his profile, he has created the best advertisement his company could ever ask for. Dean uses visuals to maximum effect, from his header graphic to his Featured and Experience sections, enticing potential clients to learn more about his experience and accomplishments at every turn. The cherry and sprinkles on the top are his Patents and Honors sections, which could turn any skeptic into a true believer in his abilities.

An image of Susan Sorensen Langer, the Founder and CEO of Spave
Susan Sorensen Langer

Susan’s profile speaks to potential clients and partners for the multiple companies she has founded over the last several years, which focus on helping organizations and individuals improve their economic well-being. Susan’s About section tells the story of her personal and professional journey and is a strong draw for those who might seek her companies’ services or want to learn more about how they can help.

An image of Steven Wolf Pereira, the Chief Business Officer of 3Pas Studios
Steven Wolfe Pereira

Steven makes the most of the initial features of his LinkedIn profile to get people to stop and take the time to learn more. His custom header graphic makes a strong statement about himself and his company, and his headline speaks volumes about his success as a business leader. The rest of his profile follows suit, discussing his award-winning organization’s contributions to the Hispanic community, his own contributions to multiple social issues, and his successful career path. His consistent activity keeps him in touch with his followers and has earned him a Top Voice designation on the platform.

An image of Jason Zintak, the CEO of 6sense
Jason Zintak

Jason gears his profile toward attracting potential clients. He focuses on what his company is doing to transform B2B buying and selling, as well as sharing the recognition the business has received from organizations such as Gartner, Forrester, Forbes, and others. Jason’s Featured section is the shining star of his profile, with posts and interviews focused on the company’s goals under Jason’s leadership.

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