Tips for Your Best LinkedIn Summary

tips for linkedin summary

Your LinkedIn summary is at the top of your profile, so it’s the section most people read to get a sense of who you are. Don’t leave it blank because you aren’t sure what to write. Here is a simple process that will help you create a strong, interesting summary. […]

LinkedIn for CEOs: What Your Profile Should Say About You

Before they meet with you, other executives will search online to learn more about you. Your LinkedIn profile is almost certain to be one of the top search results, so odds are good that’s one of the links they will click. Your LinkedIn profile, unlike some of the other links […]

8 Tips to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Profile Summary

What do you want people to do when they check your LinkedIn profile? Hire you? Connect with you? Of course. Yet most LinkedIn profiles read like “Here’s what I’ve done and why I’m awesome.”  It leaves your target audience thinking: Well, yippee for you, but what can you do for […]