Your 10-Step LinkedIn Daily Action Plan

linkedin daily checklist

Habits help us do the same thing every day without fail. Waking up, brushing teeth, showering, exercising and so on. It’d be worth adding LinkedIn to the list because it helps grow your business. I know – it’s just another thing you don’t have time for, right? Start small. Try […]

Great LinkedIn Profile Examples for Sales VPs

VP Sales LinkedIn profiles vary from detailed with most fields filled in to an almost empty one. Many sales teams, especially those in B2B, find great value in LinkedIn for forging new relationships and reinforcing existing ones. Any VP of sales who wants to stay in the spotlight and represent […]

Great LinkedIn Profile Examples for Marketing VPs and CMOs

Do you save good examples of marketing to help you get ideas? I know I do. So to save you some time as you are working on your LinkedIn profile, here are some excellent examples of profiles for marketing VPs. Granted, they’re not all flawless, but they will give you […]

LinkedIn for Marketing VPs: Fortify Your Profile

As the head of marketing, other executives in your company look to you for best practices in using social media. The problem is that marketing execs typically focus on promoting the company and client-facing executives – we don’t think about promoting ourselves. So often our profiles lag behind others. But […]

How to Build a Smarter LinkedIn Profile: for MSP CEOs

Managed services provider CEOs have a great opportunity to build trust with potential clients using LinkedIn – when you use your LinkedIn profile strategically to tell your story. Trust is critical for MSPs. Your clients depend on their computers to run their business, and their computers depend on you. You […]

LinkedIn for VPs of Sales: Enhance Your Profile

LinkedIn has become a valuable social selling tool for sales people. While VPs of sales typically don’t do the selling, you represent the company. Furthermore, clients and prospects will do a search online to learn more about you and your company before they connect. Your VP of sales LinkedIn profile […]

LinkedIn Premium Adds New Features to Enhance Your Profile

LinkedIn Premium has just added some new features to visually boost paying members’ profiles and help them show up in more searches. Here is a round-up of the new features so you can supercharge your profile. Create a Catchier Profile with Visuals Stealing a page from Facebook’s book, the new […]

CEO Profiles on LinkedIn: 10 Great Examples

LinkedIn for CEOs

(This post has been updated; see 10 More Excellent Examples of LinkedIn CEO Profiles in 2017) A trend has reared its ugly head while I browsed CEO profiles on LinkedIn. Many of them looked blank or haven’t been updated in years. I’ve heard CEOs say they aren’t looking for a job so […]

Best 5 Blog Posts: Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

We know you already have a great LinkedIn profile, right? But I bet you’re always looking for ways to improve. These 5 blog posts give you some solid advice – I’m sure you can find a few things here that you aren’t doing now. 21 Steps to Create an Awesome […]

LinkedIn for CEOs: What Your Profile Should Say About You

Before they meet with you, other executives will search online to learn more about you. Your LinkedIn profile is almost certain to be one of the top search results, so odds are good that’s one of the links they will click. Your LinkedIn profile, unlike some of the other links […]

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