LinkedIn Influencers: Who Are They and Why Should You Care?

LinkedIn Influencers

Have you heard of LinkedIn Influencers? Experienced LinkedIn users ask us a fair number of questions about them. Who are they? Should you follow them? Why? What makes someone an influencer? Why can’t I find [fill in name here] in the list of influencers? Let’s answer those questions and clear […]

3 Tools to Help Small Tech Companies Find Influencers

A small technology company doesn’t have time to search thousands of contacts to find the right people who can write a blog post or article, share information on social media or invite them to write a guest post on their website. These right people are influencers who have a large […]

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Find Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Twitter is a noisy place that can be a gold mine of information and connections, especially when you find the experts and thought leaders in your industry. Before identifying them, create a Twitter list for one-click access to this cream of the crop. Using this list quiets all the noise […]