Excellent LinkedIn Examples: Tech CEOs

May 29, 2018 | Branding, LinkedIn, Social media

With more than 562 million users on LinkedIn, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. These CEOs of the tech world, however, have mastered the art of virtual branding — and have the exposure to show for it.

Mark McGarrity, CEO Pilgrim Consulting

Mark makes the most of his headline, indicating his current position at Pilgrim Consulting while also sharing other offerings and interests through rich keywords. His summary is personal and engaging, explaining what Pilgrim Consulting does and what they have to offer potential clients. A personal call-out (“I’d love to connect with you here on LinkedIn, and you can always reach me by phone…”) gets people engaged.

Reed Overfelt, CEO Aurea Software

Reed has a killer background header graphic that gives a hint at what’s to come in his impressive summary that showcases a blend of business achievements and what he brings to the workplace. A unique, infographic-style resume, endorsements and more than 23 personal recommendations shows users Reed is the real deal.

Alex Karpovsky, CEO Kanda Software

Staying active is one of the best ways to boost brand visibility on LinkedIn, and Alex has that down, liking and sharing engaging content on an almost daily basis. He also highlights the success of his software company through a compelling story and smart mix of media, including a downloadable how-to guide for choosing a Cloud service provider and multiple video testimonials from past clients.

Joseph Callahan, CEO Ciright Systems, Inc.

Joseph does a great job of using his extensive work experience to share his passion and dedication to investing in and serving as a mentor for multiple companies in the greater Philadelphia area. His accomplishments section includes a number of impressive honors, awards, and five patents.

John Sterling, CEO Foxfire

John’s profile feels casual and approachable, from his friendly headshot to the conversational tone of his headline and summary. A clever media attachment (a throwback photo of John playing basketball against Michael Jordan during his college days at the Citadel) grabs people’s attention and makes for a fun conversation starter.

Kathryn Minshew, CEO The Muse

Kathryn makes a lasting first impression with her unique background header and conversational summary. She’s a LinkedIn Influencer with more than 220K followers, and she keeps them engaged with blog posts and daily activity. Her profile also promotes her book “New Rules of Work.”

Sarah Wood, CEO Unruly

Sarah’s short-and-sweet summary also promotes her book “Stepping Up” (plus a provided link to order it through Amazon) and includes a video that helps tell the story of her business. As a LinkedIn Influencer, she posts regularly. The accomplishment section on her profile includes 25 honors and awards.

Scott Raskin, CEO Spigit

Complete profiles garner respect on LinkedIn, and Scott’s does a great job of optimizing every section on his page. From his well-crafted headline and summary to his volunteer experience and accomplishments, every aspect of his profile tells the story of how he became an inspiring agent for change and CEO of Spigit, an innovation management software company.

Dan Rodrigues, CEO Kareo

Dan’s header background showcases the Kareo workspace, a modern, tech-savvy space that reflects the company’s personality. Impressive growth stats (Kareo grew 368% in the last three years!) and rankings from industry authorities like Glassdoor and Deloitte give credibility to the company’s rise to the top in the world of medical technology software.

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