Winning Social Media Strategies: Secrets of the CEO Playbook

Sep 2, 2020 | Executive Social, LinkedIn, Social CEO

Successful sports teams guard their strategies in highly secretive playbooks. Signature formations, the vaunted Hail Mary, lines of attack for a winning game.

As in sports, social media also requires a game plan for success. But unlike the professionals on playing fields, at ProResource we share our strategies for successful engagement on social media. The latest update of ProResource’s CEO Playbook reveals our social secrets, and we want to share them with you.

What makes these secrets so valuable? A CEO is not your average player. They’re more like a quarterback, coach, and trainer rolled into one. That’s why leading executives — those who already are CEOs, and those who want to be — should always be at the top of their game on social media.

The CEO Game Face

In a large enterprise, the CEO is the face of the business. In a small or mid-sized company, the CEO often is the business. Leading executives know LinkedIn puts a face on your personal brand, educates people about who you are, and demonstrates how you think — as you build relationships and set an example for your team.

Don’t take just our word for it. Our playbook uses real examples of Fortune 500 and Unicorn CEOs with unbeatable social media plays.

Who Are the Players?

Consider how most people use LinkedIn. They log on to search for a new job, or to make connections that could help them grow their business. CEOs want to grow business too, yet they also need to think about their many stakeholders — customers, prospects, partners, employees, job candidates, the media, and investors.

Now, more than ever, customers want to do business with companies that have a social conscience, and they look to the leadership of a company to find that commitment. And employees and prospective hires want to associate with a company that reflects their own values.

CEOs are often in the news — and make news — and a thoughtfully crafted social media persona can draw the attention of the media. When it’s time to raise money, the CEO also comes face to face with angel investors and venture capitalists or, in a bigger business, analysts.

People want to see a CEO as a thought leader, and our playbook keeps all these people in mind when designing a LinkedIn presence.

What Do You Win?

As a CEO, or an up-and-coming Chief Executive Officer, a strategic social media presence delivers a definite return on investment.

More mindshare with customers and partners increases credibility, builds strong business relationships, and increases brand recognition. More prospects are aware of you, as well as your company and its unique value proposition.

With greater visibility, you are invited to speak more often — and being quoted in mainstream media increases your credibility. These opportunities can also be used as marketing collateral to build trust and open the door to conversations.

Higher visibility means you are recognized by peers and executive recruiters, both of whom can recommend you for a board role and new professional opportunities.



LinkedIn’s Latest Plays

Updated for 2020, our CEO Playbook reflects major changes to LinkedIn, which is known for its frequent updates and experiments with new features. So not only does our playbook highlight strategy, but it also covers some of the practical information needed to navigate LinkedIn in the most effective manner.

And the Winner Is…

Championship-worthy CEOs know LinkedIn is more important than ever before to engage with peers, customers, and employees in a business-friendly environment.

A LinkedIn profile that echoes the look and feel of a traditional resumé looks stale and can make a CEO appear to be out of touch with today’s workforce. People are looking for CEOs who show they care and that they’re listening, hearing, and responding — and your LinkedIn profile is the ideal place to show who you are, both as a leader and as a person.

Ready for your own copy of our playbook? You can find it here. And to help you get started, attend our free webinar, The LinkedIn Formula for CEOs: Get Further Faster with coach Ann Marie Beebout.

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