Building Trust Online: Make Your Clients Look Good

I subscribe to emails from a client’s competitor to stay in the loop on what the competitor is doing. In an email, the competitor announced receiving rave reviews from a website that provides impartial coverage of its industry. Curious, I went to the website to search for my client’s product. […]

Building Trust Online: Stay in Touch

I came across an article on a topic of a past discussion with a client. I emailed the client a simple note saying the article reminded me of our conversation and thought he’d find it useful. Another client wrote an insightful blog post, so I linked to it from my […]

5 Steps to Keeping Your Marketing Database Clean

With more than 4,500 entries, my personal address book has gotten out of control. It’s all because of one Gmail feature that’s both a blessing and a curse: its ability to retain all email addresses. Although I could turn it off, it stays on because it has come in handy […]