How Effective is Your LinkedIn Presence? Find Out with ProScore

Aug 8, 2019 | LinkedIn, Personal branding, Social CEO, Thought Leadership

Have you ever thought about whether your LinkedIn presence is truly serving your business goals? Up until now, it’s been a difficult factor to measure.

LinkedIn does tell you how complete your profile is, with a feature called the Profile Strength Meter — the more sections you include and complete on your page, the stronger your LinkedIn profile.

There’s also the Social Selling Index (SSI), which evaluates a salesperson’s social selling skills and execution. This is a useful tool for people using LinkedIn for sales, but it doesn’t assess what leaders (CEOs, CXOs, VPs) should really be focused on — including thought leadership, engagement, personal branding, and expanding their audience.

How Effective is Your LinkedIn Presence?

Having worked with CEOs and business leaders for more than 12 years, ProResource has developed a method to accurately quantify your profile’s effectiveness. It’s called the ProScore.

ProScore offers a unique scoring model for executives and measures your LinkedIn presence across five dimensions:

  • Findability
    Are you making yourself findable by people who are searching for someone like you? Keywords matter to both the LinkedIn search algorithm and Google, but they aren’t the only factors.
  • First Impressions
    What visual impression does your profile deliver to the person visiting it for the first time? Does the profile show you as a polished, high-level executive? Or does it look empty and outdated?
  • Know, Like, Trust
    Are you using your LinkedIn presence to help people feel like they know you, like you, can can trust you?
  • Thought Leadership
    A thought leader shares original content and contributes to the store of knowledge in the universe. Are you publishing blog posts, creating videos, and sharing your insights?
  • Conversations
    Are you leveraging LinkedIn to build relationships? Are you engaging with customers, partners, employees, and others who are important to your business goals?

The assessment scores you from 1 to 20 on each of the five dimensions, giving you a possible total score of 100. Your ProScore report includes a graph that illustrates where your profile is strong and where your greatest opportunities for improvements lie. You also get 20 tips to help you improve your score.

What ProScore Can Do for You

While the point of the ProScore audit is to improve your LinkedIn presence, it’s important to note that a perfect score is not the end goal.

Instead, we encourage you to use your score as a tool to help you understand what’s possible on LinkedIn and align your presence with your specific goals. For example, findability may not be a major concern for you if your team is already extremely well-known. But if you would like to have more speaking engagements, findability certainly matters.

ProScore looks at your entire presence, and your results are weighted based on the actions you’re taking to leverage your LinkedIn profile. In the end, ProScore helps leaders see not just how they look on LinkedIn, but what they’re getting out of it.

Your score serves as a road map — you can understand where you are now, visualize what’s possible in the future, and ascertain the steps you need to take to maximize the value from LinkedIn.

You can have us score yourself, another executive, or your whole team.

When we score a group, each individual gets their own report, and you also receive a combined report that shows how the team is performing as a whole.

You might, for example, see that only one person on your team is doing well with thought leadership. Depending on your team’s objectives, that might be sufficient. Either way, you can see where the holes are — and create a plan to better fill them moving forward.

Would it be useful to see where you and your executive team reside today on the ProScore scoring model?

To get started, email with the names of the people you want scored.

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