Fun and Goofy Products to Nurture your Customers

Mar 9, 2010 | Nurture, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Amy Yaley is our company’s expert in buying promotional items for use in nurture programs. She is going to be sharing her expertise by doing guest posts from time to time with cool giveaways she has found.

From Amy…

Finding the right product to promote your company can be a challenge. If you or your company has a goofy side, why not try some of these giveaways at your next trade show, or use them as a calling card on your next sales visit.

The Goofy Guy pens feature a broad imprint area and a variety of imprint colors to showcase your logo and business name. The suction cup at the base ensures the little guy will stand tall while his head bobbles.
Pink or blue? You choose for this Funky Spring Bird pen. I love the blank stare the bird is giving, but guaranteed you won’t get a blank stare from your client when they see it.

These Goofy Stress guys are a great spin on the tried-and-true stress ball. With a decent-size imprint area and fuzzy head the customers will giggle when you hand them this one.

The magnetic face on this Goofy Paper Clip Dispenser rotates as it stores away the clips that are included in the deal.


Shopping tips
When shopping for promotional products like these there are a few things to keep in mind…

1. Just because it is on the website doesn’t mean it is available. Have a second choice ready to go in case your first pick isn’t available.

2. Check the imprint area for the graphic. If your logo is particularly detailed and the item has a very small imprint area it isn’t going to look great.

3. If you have a good size imprint area consider adding a tag line such as “Thanks for your business” or “Celebrating 25 years of service.”

4. Always check the production time and then add days for artwork and shipping. Plan for two weeks from the time you shop to the time it is dropped on your door step.

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