Excellent LinkedIn Profiles: Sales Leaders

Jan 17, 2018 | LinkedIn, Social media

If you are looking for sales leaders with an excellent LinkedIn presence, these senior executives show how it’s done.

Bernadette Wightman, President, Cisco Systems Canada




Hayri Tarhan, Regional VP of Security Sales at Oracle




Debbie Dunnam, VP of Sales at Microsoft




Pierre Mirlesse, VP of Sales at Hewlett Packard Enterprise




Cate Gutowski, VP of Digital Sales at GE Digital




Todd Helfrich, VP Federal Sales at Attivo Networks




Nick Michaelides, VP Federal Sales at Cisco




Stijn Nauwelaerts, General Manager Microsoft Global Sales




Iain Urquhart, VP of Sales at Oracle




Mark Houska, VP of Sales at Cisco





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Here are some recommendations specific to sales leaders.
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