Theme 5: Show That You’re Connected

Oct 31, 2011 | credibility, Marketing, Nurture, Public relations, Social media, Social Networking

Show Off Your NetworkYour fifth theme for your social media marketing is to show who is connected with you. This is the whole point of social media!

If you can show that other people – particularly people your prospects respect – have checked you out and decided to get involved with you, then it’s easier for them to make the same decision.

So find ways to let people see that you have important people in your network, great customers, talented people working with you, respected people who refer business to you.

On Facebook, make your featured likes people your prospects will recognize and respect.

Retweet what influential people say.

Comment on blog posts of influencers.

Interact with customers or partners (especially those who are well-known and respected).

Talk about employees and subcontractors – if they have impressive degrees, I’m sure you can find a way to work that into the conversation from time to time.

Mention your board, advisors or investors.

Talk about really good sessions at conferences or webinars you attended.

Quote people your prospects respect.

Be grateful for any honors or awards you receive (or are nominated for).

Think about who your prospects and customers respect, and look for ways you can show connections with those people.

How do you build credibility by showing that you are connected to people your prospects recognize and respect?

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