Theme 4: Share Who You Are

Oct 24, 2011 | Marketing, Nurture, Public relations, Social media, Social Networking

Show Your PersonalityPeople do business with people they know, like and trust.

So let people get to know you better. Let them see that you are a nice person – the kind of person they would be comfortable doing business with.
Show some of your personality – you don’t have to share everything with the whole world, but you can pick and choose a few things to let people feel like they know who you are:

• Like your favorite sports teams
• List your favorite singers or bands
• Quote from your favorite books
• Mention a TV show you are addicted to
• Do you do yoga, pilates, rock climbing or zumba? Share that
• Talk about visiting your favorite restaurants
• Show photos of cute things your pet did

This helps people connect with you – it gives them topics of conversation, ways to interact with you online and in person.

You can also use social media to show your character and your ethics:

• Share links to causes that you support
• Ask for donations to charitable events
• Apologize when you mess up
• Stand up for people who have been wronged
• Be helpful and give advice where you can
• Show that you support your friends

Let people identify with you. Even if you’re the CEO of a huge company and wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, you probably have issues. Right? (Please say yes.) Talk about your efforts to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, get healthier, find cute shoes.

And just be nice.

• Send holiday greetings.
• Thank people at every opportunity.

What are some of the ways you let people get to know you? Share them here…

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