Theme 1: Demonstrate Expertise

Oct 3, 2011 | Marketing, Nurture, Public relations, Social media, Social Networking

Use Social Media to Show Your KnowledgeOne of the first questions people will always have about your company is “Do they know what they are doing?”

They need to have ways to confirm that you will do a good job for them.

Social media gives you a lot of opportunities to show off your knowledge in your field.

  • On Facebook, you could give a series of short tips relating to your area of expertise.
  • One virtual assistant has been doing 2-minute videos with office organization tips and shortcuts.
  • I’ve seen SEO consultants give tips about choosing keywords and using alt tags.
  • Graphic designers give tips about page layout and optimizing your site.
  • Social media consultants give advice about getting better results with Facebook or tips on how to use Google+.

In your blog, you can tell stories about projects you have worked on for clients. You can do mini case studies – with brief outlines of what the client’s problem was, how you solved it, and what results they achieved.

You can upload short videos that answer questions prospects commonly ask.

You can tweet when you close a new deal.

You can forward news from industry sources and explain why it matters.

You can quote a statistic from a recent report and say why you think it’s wrong.

You can quote two statistics from different reports that seem to contradict each other and explain why they are really two different ways of looking at the same thing.

You can blog about trends you’re seeing in the market.

You can forward news from others who are respected in your field.

You can share useful websites.

You can do reviews of tools you find useful.

You can compare methodologies and talk about the strengths and disadvantages of each.

This is usually one of the easiest ways to find content for social media. There are dozens of ways to show off your knowledge – if you have some that aren’t included here, add them as comments. I’d love to hear how you do this.

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