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Apr 22, 2015 | LinkedIn, Public relations, Social Networking, Trust

examples MSP LinkedIn profilesIn How to Build a Smarter LinkedIn Profile for MSP CEOs, I explain that building trust is more important for managed services providers than for a typical business. MSPs interact with one of the most critical resources for businesses — their IT operations, hardware, and software. Law offices store client and case information on servers. Healthcare providers use electronic medical records (EMR) to keep track of patients’ histories and they need to be HIPAA compliant.

Effective MSPs make sure businesses have data recovery and business continuity plans ready for execution. Should anything happen to their clients’ data, it won’t be the end of the business as they stand by ready to put the plan into action. MSP clients’ technologies depend on managed services providers to keep them going. That requires a lot of trust.

It’s surprising how many MSP CEOs and business owners have very little information on their LinkedIn profiles. How can prospects trust you if they don’t know about your technical background and commitment to customer service?

Here are some of the best LinkedIn profiles of MSP CEOs. Depending on your connection to the person and your membership, you may not be able to view some of the LinkedIn profiles. You can work around that by doing a Google search for the person’s name. Coming in through Google will allow you to find the person’s public LinkedIn profile.

Chuck Bell
President and CEO, BEL Network Integration and Support, LLC

Bell’s detailed profile includes a video, publications, recommendations, and links to resources. In his summary, he lists the locations his company supports explaining that service is limited to those areas to ensure his engineers can be onsite within two hours. Reading the summary, you can tell he’s enthusiastic about the work and understand what his business does for clients.

Armando P Binelo
CEO, Trust Technology Solutions Inc.

As MSPs need to gain the trust of prospective clients, having many recommendations can help with that. Binelo has 12 recommendations in his current role from a variety of clients and colleagues. He also provides details about the causes and organizations he supports. If you’ve seen a good action movie lately, you might tell Binelo about it as it’s one of his interests.

Raffi Jamgotchian
President and CTO, Triada Networks

“When your technology isn’t working, your business isn’t either,” Jamgotchian writes. His summary goes on to say why he founded his company and what it does for businesses. He includes a brief example of how his company helped when Hurricane Sandy hit. It means they know disaster recovery. Jamgotchian’s profile includes videos, volunteer experience, organizations, and recommendations.

James Oryszczyn
President, TBJ Consulting LLC

Oryszczyn opens with a great story of how he helped a client over the weekend. Then he reveals the truth about technology in an amiable way: “Needless to say, technology is forever messing up.” His comprehensive profile can help you find inspiration for yours.

Gary Pica MSP CEO LinkedInGary Pica
Owner, TruMethods, LLC

“It all started on December 12, 1996 when I quit my job to build an IT services company. Thus, one of the first MSPs was born,” Pica writes. The rest of his summary is a fascinating read. He includes an article in which he is mentioned and a video. In his spare time he likes “Rocking out with my guitar.”

Joanna Sobran
CEO, MXOtech

Sobran’s summary highlights a few things. First, she opens with brief overview of her position and company to lead into what jobs she has open. Next, she describes her passion to give you insight into what she cares about. She goes into how she got where she is today and closes with more details on what she does in her current role. She hits four points in a clear, concise way with personality.

She has three recommendations for her current role from people in different roles: client, consultant, and someone who worked with her while he was at another company. It helps to have recommendations from your current and most recent roles from a variety of resources: managers, direct reports, clients, and colleagues in other companies.

More great LinkedIn profiles

Raj Goel
Owner, Brainlink International, Inc.

Yuval Goren
President and commander-in-chief, Kobargo Technology Partners

Jennifer Holmes
President, MIS Solutions, Inc.

Mike Miller
CEO and president, ManageIT Inc.

John Schmerold
President, Katy Computer Systems

What do you like to see in an MSP CEO LinkedIn profile? Please share your thoughts and any notable examples you’ve seen.

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