Add One New Pillar to Your Marketing Parthenon

Mar 16, 2009 | Lead generation | 7 comments

The concept of a marketing Parthenon originated with Jay Abraham, a brilliant marketing guru whose ideas have profoundly influenced many marketers and business leaders.

Most companies get leads from one or two marketing strategies – techniques they have mastered and are using very effectively to drive revenue.

But if you expand the strategies you use – developing a number of marketing techniques that work for you successfully – your company will be built, like the Parthenon, on a more solid and sturdy foundation.

Then if one of the pillars breaks, your company is still secure because you can rely on the other pillars to hold it up.

Think about where you get your leads – and your website doesn’t count, because it is really just a funnel for converting traffic into prospects. Where do your leads really come from?

I bet you get most of them from just a couple places.

This month, try experimenting with a new method of generating leads. Set a goal of building one new pillar – mastering a new marketing technique and making it work for your business.

In my next couple of posts, I’ll talk about three low-cost pillars you can try.

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