A LinkedIn Guide to Image Sizes & Character Limits

Apr 17, 2019 | LinkedIn

If you’re putting in the effort to optimize your LinkedIn profile, the last thing you want is to waste time guessing at proper image sizes and character limits. Knowing exact specifications for different LinkedIn fields ahead of time will help. Here’s a comprehensive guide to keep your frustrations at bay.

Remember: LinkedIn changes its rules on a daily basis. This list is current as of today.

Image Sizes

Background photo:1,584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels recommended (4:1 proportion). Maximum size is 8MB.

Profile photo: Between 400 (w) x 400 (h) and 7,680 (w) x 4,320 (h) pixels recommended. Maximum file size is 8MB.

Note: On the current desktop experience, your profile photo floats on the left edge of the background image. On mobile, your profile photo centers on the background image. Be sure to use a visual that works both ways.

Character Limits

Name: first name: 50 characters, last name: 50 characters

Headline: 120 characters (210 characters on mobile)

Summary: 2,000 characters

Summary cut-off desktop: 3 lines of text; about 270-320 characters (before clicking “See more”)

Summary cut-off mobile: 3 lines; about 100-150 characters (before truncated)

Position title: 100 characters

Company: 100 characters

Location: 80 characters

Position description: 2,000 characters

Rich media: Unlimited and 4 visible on profile

Contact Info:

Vanity (custom) URL: 3-100 characters (after “www.linkedin.com/in/”)

Website URL: 249 characters

Website Anchor text: 30 characters (shown in parentheses after website URL)

Phone number: 25 characters

IM (Instant Message): 50 characters

Address: 1,000 characters

Skill Limits

Skills: 50

Endorsements: Unlimited; after you get more than 99, LinkedIn will show “99+” as the count

Top skills (most visible): 3

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