Are you interested in using social media as a leadership tool? Read our CEO page for data on the many benefits  of learning to leverage social media effectively.

Here are seven ways you can use LinkedIn and Twitter to lead your team.

1.  Leadership starts with trust. You can use social media to provide a window into who you are and what you care about, which helps people feel like they know you.

2. As Chief Meaning Officer, you are always telling stories and getting people on board with your strategy. Social media gives you the perfect platform for getting your message out, and highlighting examples that support what you are trying to do.

3. Listen. Information that comes to you is usually filtered. By participating in social media yourself, you have access to raw, real-time information, and can get immediate feedback.

4. Praise your team. Congratulating people in public is an excellent way to show appreciation.

5. Endorse initiatives that help your team move faster.

6. Celebrate milestones and show gratitude.

7. Embrace humor and candor. Show that your team enjoys working together.

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