Nurture Marketing 2.0

Here is an approach to nurture marketing that is very similar to ours, courtesy of guest blogger Laura Like… One of the great results from connections is finding that someone else has arrived at the same destination from a different direction.  Nurture Marketing is the brainchild of Judy Schramm, CEO […]

How Many Touches Make a Sale?

After you meet someone for the first time, you’ll walk away knowing the person’s name and maybe a tidbit or two. Every time you connect with that person you’ll learn more, and that helps you decide whether that person is trustworthy and credible. Those connections, known as touches or impressions, […]

Stop Networking … Start Building Relationships

You’ve been invited to another networking event. How do you feel about it? Do you dread the thought of approaching people, delivering your 30-second elevator speech and making conversation? Are you out of questions to ask once you get an answer to “What do you do?” For some, networking feels […]

Easy ROI for Social Media: Permanent Contact Information

If you are in social media, I guarantee people are saying to you “I just don’t know if social media is worthwhile for my business.” Here’s what you say back… How much time and effort do you spend keeping your contact data up-to-date? How many opportunities do you lose each […]

3 Ways To Get Qualified Sales Leads Using LinkedIn

Most people use LinkedIn as a contact management tool to connect with friends or former co-workers. Besides everyday social networking, LinkedIn can be used as a very effective sales prospecting tool. In this post I’ll show you 3 solid strategies to help you get qualified sales leads into your pipeline. 1. Nurture Your […]

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