Your 10-Step LinkedIn Daily Action Plan

linkedin daily checklist

Habits help us do the same thing every day without fail. Waking up, brushing teeth, showering, exercising and so on. It’d be worth adding LinkedIn to the list because it helps grow your business. I know – it’s just another thing you don’t have time for, right? Start small. Try […]

Startup Marketing: How to get your first customers fast

The first thing a tech startup needs to do in finding customers is to describe its ideal clients. Nail down the characteristics of this target audience. Many marketers create personas that go as far as identifying the client’s gender, age, lifestyle, challenges and so on. For example, identifying “IT managers” […]

LinkedIn: A Modern Business Necessity

Today’s guest post comes from Nathaniel Mollen, a student of philosophy at Ursinus College. Marketing is only a little like metaphysics, but it’s made him somewhat of an expert in making dry topics both clear and interesting. LinkedIn is popular, this is no secret. Since this is a trade blog, […]

5 Steps to Get the Most Out of

Networking events provide startups with an avenue to find investors, customers, talent, partners and many other resources. So how do you find networking events near you and that fit the needs of your startup? Meetup ( helps you identify nearby networking groups based on location and group profile. Visit the […]

Stop Networking … Start Building Relationships

You’ve been invited to another networking event. How do you feel about it? Do you dread the thought of approaching people, delivering your 30-second elevator speech and making conversation? Are you out of questions to ask once you get an answer to “What do you do?” For some, networking feels […]

Theme 2: Open a Window into Your Business

A second issue people have is that they wonder what it will be like to do business with you. Social media provides a great way to invite people into your business and show them what your company is like. Let them get comfortable with who you are and how you […]