5 Practical Tips to Consistent Branding Across Your Executive Team

There’s plenty of information out there about the importance of a strong LinkedIn profile for job seekers and sales teams. But what about CXOs and VPs? Do you really need to bother? The answer is, without a doubt, yes. And the reason is simple: 78% of C-level executives say they […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Reputation as a Thought Leader

thought leader [thawt lee-der] n. 1. a go-to voice in an industry or profession; someone who shares forward-thinking viewpoints; a person whose perspective on a subject is taken as authoritative and influential.   Thought leadership helps you to establish a reputation, earn trust, and solidify relationships that can grow your […]

Does a CEO Need a Strong LinkedIn Profile?

Before attending any event, I look up attendees’ and presenters’ LinkedIn profiles to learn more about them. This helps me come up with relevant questions and discussion points. An interesting pattern popped up. When the people are a senior executive, CEO, or in any other C-level position, sometimes their profile […]

Great LinkedIn Profiles for MSP CEOs

In How to Build a Smarter LinkedIn Profile for MSP CEOs, I explain that building trust is more important for managed services providers than for a typical business. MSPs interact with one of the most critical resources for businesses — their IT operations, hardware, and software. Law offices store client […]

CEO Profiles on LinkedIn: 10 Great Examples

LinkedIn for CEOs

(This post has been updated; see 10 More Excellent Examples of LinkedIn CEO Profiles in 2017) A trend has reared its ugly head while I browsed CEO profiles on LinkedIn. Many of them looked blank or haven’t been updated in years. I’ve heard CEOs say they aren’t looking for a job so […]

LinkedIn for CEOs: What Your Profile Should Say About You

Before they meet with you, other executives will search online to learn more about you. Your LinkedIn profile is almost certain to be one of the top search results, so odds are good that’s one of the links they will click. Your LinkedIn profile, unlike some of the other links […]