More on Learning Styles: Why, What, How, What If?

Teach What You Know
The other issue to keep in mind when looking at the best ways to get people ramped up is whether they are a “why,” “what,” “how does it work,” or “what if” learner.

There’s a whole chapter devoted to this in Teach What You Know, by Steve Trautman, which is a wonderful book all about teaching peers and people you are mentoring what they need to know to do a good job.

The entire book is full of gems – my copy currently has about 20 pages bookmarked. If you ever do mentoring or any kind of informal training, I recommend it highly. He’s also got an excellent website at

Here’s the short version of the chapter on learning styles…

“Why” learners
“Why” learners wants to know why they should care – why they should be learning this, why it is important, why focus on it now. So start your explanation with this.

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