Should You Connect With Competitors on LinkedIn?

You most likely know your competitors. And know them well. You study their websites. You check out their social media profiles and updates. You listen to them on Twitter. (Tip: Create a private list called “Competitors” and add them to the list for easy checking.) What about LinkedIn? Do anything […]

7 Ways to Be Seen as a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

You don’t have to be a celebrity in your industry to work toward becoming a thought leader. Sure, there’s always someone who knows more than you do. Don’t let it scare you away from thought leadership. You know a lot. In fact, you know things that the more successful thought […]

Building Trust Online: Make Prospects Look Good

Everyone wants to look connected, knowledgeable and successful. When you help your prospects look good to the people who matter to them, they feel good about you, which helps build trust. How can you make them look good? One way is giving them information they can pass along to others. […]

Building Trust Online: Using Social Media

Being transparent is another important part of building trust. And social media offers a great forum for that. But what does it mean? Why is it a good thing? Transparency means showing others who you are – by being yourself, open and honest. Your actions and communications give people a […]

Nurture Marketing 2.0

Here is an approach to nurture marketing that is very similar to ours, courtesy of guest blogger Laura Like… One of the great results from connections is finding that someone else has arrived at the same destination from a different direction.  Nurture Marketing is the brainchild of Judy Schramm, CEO […]

5 Steps to Get the Most Out of

Networking events provide startups with an avenue to find investors, customers, talent, partners and many other resources. So how do you find networking events near you and that fit the needs of your startup? Meetup ( helps you identify nearby networking groups based on location and group profile. Visit the […]

Social Networking Done Wrong

Whenever I have new followers, Twitter notifies me. This way I can check them out and follow back if they’re worthy. Many times, I pass on following back because some of these users’ tweets are mostly self-serving. Social networking will not pay off for these people because their actions resemble […]

Stop Networking … Start Building Relationships

You’ve been invited to another networking event. How do you feel about it? Do you dread the thought of approaching people, delivering your 30-second elevator speech and making conversation? Are you out of questions to ask once you get an answer to “What do you do?” For some, networking feels […]