How to Craft Irresistable Subject Lines

Dec 3, 2008 | Copywriting

I just received an email newsletter with this subject line: How to Craft Irresistable Subject Lines.

That’s a great subject line – pretty much irresistable to someone like me who is currently involved in creating several email marketing campaigns for clients.

A lot of the content was common sense, but it included a tip that I absolutely love:

Use women’s magazines, particularly fashion magazines, to teach you how to write great subject lines.

Here’s what Glamour is currently showing on their website:
17 New Ways to Mix Up Your Basics
The What-to-get-a-guy Gift Guide
How to Get Britney Spears’ Comeback Body
30 Gifts Under $30
10 Days of Glam Hair Ideas

Here’s Cosmo:
Get Him the Perfect Gift
20 Festive Frocks
Genius Style Shortcuts
Cocktail Caution
How He Tests You

You can see a couple themes…
Using numbers (17 Ways, 10 Days, 30 Gifts…)
How to
New Ways to

I bet if you looked at women’s magazines from 50 years ago, you’d see headlines that were almost the same as these. They just work so well.

Try using some of these phrases in your own email headlines. I know I’ll be revisiting some of my emails to test subject lines like these.

Here is the full article:

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