Excellent LinkedIn Profiles for CFOs

With almost all of your business interactions now virtual, your online presence has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, CFOs wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business tools. Here are CFOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They use LinkedIn’s newest features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and define their personal brand.

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Eliodoro(Bong) Batingana, Jr.      Cody Lummus LinkedIn
Chief Financial Officer | Arrikto

Eliodoro uses his About section to firmly position himself as a challenge-seeking problem solver. His profile includes a wide array of work experience, certifications, and organizations to show how well-rounded he is.



Sara Baxter     Cody Lummus LinkedIn
SVP & Global Head, CFO Practice | Anaplan

Sara’s straightforward About section clearly shows her expertise as a CFO. Along her detailed work experience section, she boasts several accomplishments on her profile.

Evgeny FetisovEvgeny Fetisov CFO at Semrush
Chief Financial Officer | Semrush

Evgeny opts for a more factual-based approach in his About section – promoting his current company and sharing his achievements at previous positions.

Jett McCandlessJohn Murphy 
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer | Adobe

John’s eye-catching, colorful header pulls you into his profile filled with astonishing achievements and detailed descriptions of his work experience. He shows clear engagement with the LinkedIn community and shares multiple publications where he is highlighted for his strengths.

Make My LinkedIn Profile as Good as These CFOs

Ready to make your own LinkedIn profile more powerful?

David Acton   
Chief Financial Officer | Suntiva

In his About section, David talks about his strengths as a CFO for Government contractors, and carefully promotes his current workplace and the services that they provide. His experience section is filled with several positions – each with a detailed description on his achievements.


Mike LembergCarlos Sluman
Chief Financial Officer | Partnerize

Mike’s well-organized About section positions himself as an analytical, result-oriented executive. His detailed work experience includes multiple media attachments and links that prove and enhance his credibility.

Sara BlakelyRich Scigaj
Partner, Chief Financial Officer | Cyber Capital Partners

Rich utilizes several keywords in his header that shows his position and areas of expertise. His About section invites those with shared interests to network with him or see if he can be of service to you. He also includes volunteer experience that gives you a glimpse of his hobbies and interests outside of his career. 

Victor Casalino    Brian Lacey
Americas Chief Financial Officer | Microsoft

In his About section, Victor shares his financial leadership in Microsoft, and he carries it over to his Experience section where he provides a detailed description of each position he has filled. He actively creates posts and engages with others on LinkedIn.


Sally A. BrandtnerisMary Ann Gomez Orta
Chief Financial Officer | Logicalis

Sally’s profile starts off with a bright header image and multiple keywords that show her financial expertise and personal interests. Her About section shares her experience as well as a desire to fill another board director role.

Make My LinkedIn Profile as Good as These CFOs

Ready to make your own LinkedIn profile more powerful?

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