Best 5 – Lean Startup Lessons

May 31, 2014 | Marketing, Startups

Best 5 Blog Posts lean startupsIf you’re a lean startup fan, as I am, you learn almost as much from watching other companies try to implement lean startup as you do from doing it yourself.

Here are the best 5 blog posts we’ve found with lessons learned from other lean startups (OK, so one is videos and one is slides – they’re not technically blog posts – but I really liked them and thought they were worth sharing.)

Lean Startup Lessons Learned (video stories with Eric Ries)

Lean Startup Lessons That Helped Dropbox Become a $10B Company (slides)

The Fat Startup: Learn the Lessons of My Failed Lean Startup

The Lean Startup: 3 Important Lessons Learned

4 Short Stories of Our Attempts to Be Lean at Our Startup

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