Show Everyone How to Do Personal Branding Right

You are in charge of social media for your organization, but what about your personal brand in social media?

So often marketers are like the shoemaker’s children – we spend all our effort and brainpower making others look good, and there’s no time left for our own marketing.

But when you are trying to get senior executives or your sales team to take their own personal branding seriously, you will be much more successful if you set a good example.

Show them how to do it right, with social media best practices such as:

  • Create a customer-facing profile that speaks to how your organization solves problems.
  • Amplify your organization’s posts by sharing yourself.
  • Do your own thought leadership.

Make It Easier for People to Know, Like & Trust You

Build credibility by allowing people to see the full depth and breadth of your expertise.

Use your profile to help people respect you and feel comfortable with you. Let them see you know some of the same people they do. That you give back and support the community. That you are a unique and interesting person.

Set a Social Example for Your Team

Your CEO needs to be active in social media. CEOs who are active in social media are perceived as more effective, according to a study conducted by Weber Shandwick (The Social CEO):

  • 78% said it has a positive impact on the company’s reputation
  • 76% said it shows innovation
  • 75% said it was a good way for CEOs to communicate with employees
  • 75% said it was a good way for CEOs to build relationships with the media

The executives rated a CEO who is active in social media as more forward-thinking, a better communicator, more effective, open and accessible, and inspiring. Global executives attributed 45% of their company’s reputation and 44% of their market value to the reputation of their CEO. (View CEO reputation infographic)

Your sales executives need to be using social selling. According to surveys from LinkedIn:

  • 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions.
  • Sellers with a strong Social Selling Index have 45% more opportunities per quarter and are 51% more likely to hit quotas.
  • 90% of B2B decision makers say they will not take a cold call. But 92% will engage with someone they recognize as a thought leader in their industry.

When your senior executives and sales team are active in social media, the whole company benefits. You can be the example everyone references, and get the ball started.

Marketer Examples

Imagine yourself with a strong social media presence – you could look like these marketers:

Marketing Executives on LinkedIn
Chief Marketing Officers on Twitter

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Or you can get social media coaching so you start doing it yourself, with one-on-one support from an expert.

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