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Your Fast Path to Success in Social Media


Social Velocity is a unique social media coaching program for executives.

You work with a coach, one-on-one, to define a personal social media strategy that advances your business and professional goals.

You start with a Social Strategy Session where you discuss what you want to accomplish, what resources are available to you, and how much time you can spend.

Your coach designs a Social Action Plan personalized to your specific situation. Then she provides whatever training and support you need as you step into the plan.

No time? Your coach can do some or all of the work for you. 

Or she can train your assistant to handle your social media for you, and provide ongoing support, problem-solving and oversight.

“I am so pleased with the results of my LinkedIn coaching. I now have a system for making connections and following up, I am blogging less but with more readers, and I have generated some excellent leads.”

Bob Muscat

Muscat & Company

You’ve probably heard it said that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. For many of us, that first impression will happen through your social media presence and most likely with your LinkedIn profile. 

When you think about it, you would never consider arriving at a face-to-face interview unprepared or a presentation and not put your best self forward to your audience. The difference is you have time to prepare for those events, but your social media footprint is 24/7 and creates an immediate impression for viewers.

I had the privilege of consulting with Judy Schramm and Ann Marie Beebout of ProResource, Inc. to refine my LinkedIn branding. I can’t overemphasize the importance of having a third-party professional provide objective guidance.

There were many details Ann Marie offered that truly made my profile pop. She also pointed out the things I was doing well and explained the reasons behind all of her suggestions so I would continue doing them.

Finally, Ann Marie was a real encourager and followed up with me throughout our engagement. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result of my LinkedIn profile and give ProResource my highest recommendation.”

John Myers, Corporate Communications

“As a marketing and communications expert, I launched my biz solely on LinkedIn, have been using it forever, and thought I knew it all, Judy educated me on nuances and techniques I’d not considered before.

Kudos to Judy for customizing the presentation (and materials) to the audience, and for delivering her incredibly deep and current knowledge! Well done!”

Beth Berman, WHY Coach / Compel-li-cations™ Coach, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

“The team at ProResource really grasped our problems and our recruiting needs.

They helped us define parameters and develop messaging to get the most from recruiting on LinkedIn. In addition, they gave us some great suggestions for improving our LinkedIn profiles.

Last, but not least, they delivered on agreed-upon dates and were very easy to work with. We definitely consider ProResource a valuable resource for our future needs.”

Donna McInnis, Vice President, Human Resources, PointClear

Within 10 minutes of meeting with Judy, I knew this would be an excellent partnership.

Working with ProResource,we were able to generate strong business leads and recruit exceptional candidates to fill open positions.

From the first meeting, Judy asked in-depth questions about our goals. She translated our goals into a plan of action tailored specifically to our needs and delivered phenomenal results.

Everyone we have worked with at ProResource has been extremely professional and at the top of their game.”


Michael Mack, President, World Synergy

Social Media as a Leadership Tool

Explore the ways you can use social media as a leader. Tell stories, nurture relationships, congratulate partners, reward your team’s hard work, and more. This ebook is packed with tips and strategies for leaders.

20 Tweets for CEOs

Learn Twitter the easy way – watch people similar to you who are using it effectively. We identified 20 types of tweets that CEOs make on a regular basis and illustrated each with examples from Fortune 500 CEOs. 



Working with ProResource, we now have access to people and connections that we never had before.

We’re a technology company that sells to the upstream oil & gas industry. Our clients are large and they’re professional. The ProResource strategy resonated with them.

There was constant activity in our account and the ProResource staff walked me through their processes. Now I’m able to build on what was started and move my contacts through what is often a really long sales cycle.

ProResource also stands behind its work. They bird-dogged the project until we got the results Judy promised.”


Dan Purvis, President & CEO, Velentium, Upstream Oil & Gas Solutions

We took what ProResource taught us about LinkedIn and applied it to all of our marketing to build a referral network that provides us with a source of leads and deals.

Judy and her team put together a plan of attack on how to use LinkedIn and other social media to bolster our credibility in the IT support marketplace.

We use that process now around all of our networking and list building, and it builds deeper connections with prospects. Once ProResource got us started, it took us very little effort to maintain.

The marketing help we got from ProResource wasn’t formulaic. It was customized to our company and the type of clients we’re trying to reach.

I got a lot more value than I expected from ProResource. ProResource knows what it’s doing and I’ve learned a lot from not only what their team has showed me, but also by watching how ProResource markets for itself.”


Raffi Jamgotchian, President/CTO of Triada Networks

“ProResource took the marketing power inside LinkedIn and placed it directly in our hands. With their training, we were able to start cultivating LinkedIn as a resource for generating leads. ProResource started us off on the right foot and made sure we not only knew how to use LinkedIn — but were confident in our ability to be successful there.”


Brenda Ortiz, Account Manager, IT Management Solutions

“During a session with Judy, I heard myself exclaim ‘that is BRILLIANT.’ When selecting vendors, my goal is always to work with those that are willing to deliver 10 times my investment (smile). Judy is ‘that vendor,’ she is a strong player and will have an amazing impact on your team’s ability to achieve results. I highly recommend her services!”


Dawn HudsonChief Customer Evangelist/Officer, Outreach Marketing Solutions

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