How Do You Measure “Success” for a LinkedIn Makeover?

measure linkedin ROI results

You’re thinking about investing in having a profile makeover done by a LinkedIn expert. Yes, it will be nice to have someone else do all the work for you.  Yes, it will likely get done faster. Yes, they know LinkedIn better than you do, which means the profile will almost […]

Get Found: 3 Tips for Keyword Optimization on LinkedIn

linkedin profile SEO

LinkedIn is an important platform that can be used to look for a new job, connect with potential clients, and build influence in your field. But LinkedIn won’t be nearly as effective for any of these things if no one sees your profile. If you want hiring managers, prospects, and […]

Best 5 Blog Posts: Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

We know you already have a great LinkedIn profile, right? But I bet you’re always looking for ways to improve. These 5 blog posts give you some solid advice – I’m sure you can find a few things here that you aren’t doing now. 21 Steps to Create an Awesome […]