9 Tips for Status Updates on Your Company’s Facebook Page

Some companies post and post and post yet no one comments or likes. They feel like they’re talking to a wall. One of the more common mistakes in companies’ Facebook marketing strategies is constantly marketing a product and linking to their own content. In other words, their Facebook page reads […]

Creating a Great Facebook Fan Page: For Small Businesses

Today we’re delighted to have a guest post about Facebook marketing from Craig Robinson of Qwaya. If you’re reading this article and have a small business you want to promote on Facebook, we’re going to go ahead and assume that you already know how to create ads and what you […]

I Blogged About You

Here’s an idea courtesy of Joan Stewart, who writes the Publicity Hound, a great email newsletter about generating PR for your business. She is writing about how to get the attention of journalists, but this is also a great way to get to know anyone who blogs – including influential people […]