Prepare to Enter the U.S. Market

CEOs prepare their LinkedIn presence before entering US market

As a CEO gearing up to navigate the vibrant and highly competitive US market, you may be worried about the differences between the US and your home market.

The American market is unique and has a lot of quirks. The language is different from British and Australian English. Americans have different expectations of companies and leaders. Some of the players are the same, but the industry structures can be different.

You can make your entry easier when you work with a company in the US, with writers who are all Americans, who know both business and technology.

We help you establish not just visibility but also credibility and impact:

    • LinkedIn Profile Optimization—Americans want to know more about your leaders. They expect you to have a strong personal brand and be the spokesperson for your business. We craft your LinkedIn profile so it resonates with American audiences. This isn’t just about listing achievements; it’s about weaving a narrative that aligns with the values and aspirations that drive the US market. We craft your profile to ensure that when potential partners, investors, and industry peers land on your page, they’re greeted with a story that speaks to them, compelling and relatable.
    • Network Building—Do you know who the key players are in your space? We do the research for you. We use LinkedIn to build a list of influential people in your space—potential partners, thought leaders, influencers, and investors who are pivotal to your expansion efforts. Then we can help you decide how best to approach them.
    • Personalized Content Strategy & Execution—We craft weekly posts for your profile that showcase your company’s solutions, innovations, and value propositions. This consistent, educational content strategy is designed to not only inform but engage your growing network, highlighting why your company is a game-changer in its sector.
    • Personalized Engagement Strategy & Execution—We like and comment on posts from the influential people in your space, on your behalf, so they start seeing your name and your company, warming them up for a conversation.

Venturing into the US market presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. With our service, you’re not just entering this new arena; you’re making a calculated, impactful debut. Your LinkedIn presence becomes a strategic asset, paving the way for name recognition, network growth, and the establishment of your personal brand in a market that values innovation, leadership, and connection. This is about setting you up not just to enter but to excel and lead in the US landscape.

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