Required Technical Skills

Before applying for a role with ProResource, please make sure your technical skills are up-to-date. We require that everyone here be able to do the following:

Microsoft Word

  • Format text
  • Add, resize and move images
  • Turn on track changes, review changes, accept or reject
  • Get a word/character count for all or part of a document
  • Create and use tables
  • Print
  • Convert a document to pdf

Microsoft Excel

  • Insert and modify text and equations
  • Format text
  • Auto-sum a column or row
  • Change formatting of each cell, add color fill
  • Sort on various fields
  • Print

Google Doc Spreadsheet

  • Same as Excel
  • Give and remove permissions on a file


  • Set up account
  • Format text
  • Insert an image
  • Send from different email addresses
  • Add and remove an attachment
  • Use cc and bcc
  • Insert and remove hyperlinks
  • Add sig file
  • Add a vacation message
  • Insert and modify a table

Google Calendar

  • Add an event, modify and delete
  • Send meeting invites
  • View someone else’s calendar and enter an appointment

Google Drive

  • Upload file to Drive, find it
  • Share a file
  • Change permissions on a file


  • Upload file to Dropbox, find it
  • Share a file
  • Change permissions on a file


  • Update a personal profile
  • Turn off notifications
  • Post a status update that mentions a connection and tags them
  • Upload a blog post and format it, add tags and images
  • Send connect requests, messages and InMails
  • Identify the different types of ads
  • Copy the url of a profile page and paste it into a spreadsheet
  • Determine if someone is blogging or doing status updates
  • Find out how many connections someone has
  • Endorse someone
  • Follow someone
  • Post a status update on a company page

Paint, Photoshop or other image editing software

  • Resize an image to specific pixel dimensions
  • Add text to an image


  • Set up a meeting and give it a title
  • Send login info to participants via email and calendar invite
  • Start, manage and end a meeting
  • Share your desktop
  • Turn the video on and off
  • Use the chat
  • Mute and unmute people
  • Give controls to another participant
  • Record a meeting and find the recording


  • Find a contact and invite them to connect
  • Start, manage and end a call
  • Share your desktop
  • Share URLs and files
  • Use the chat
  • Turn the video on and off

For Advanced Users


  • Modify text on a page
  • Format text
  • Upload an image, add it to a page, resize the image, add alt tags
  • Add meta tags
  • Insert and remove a hyperlink
  • Add and remove an email address
  • Preview
  • Save changes and update page
  • Create new page
  • Plus all of the same for blog posts
  • Add categories to a blog post


  • Post tweet, like, retweet
  • Follow and unfollow
  • Edit bio
  • Use hashtags

If there are things on this list you don’t know how to do, the easiest way to learn is to go to YouTube and look for a video.