Use Social Media Effectively

Raise Your Visibility, Grow Your Business, Advance Your Career


When you meet people in the real world, you impress them with your brainpower, good looks, a firm handshake, and your personal charisma. Are the people who meet you online finding that same person?

Or are they meeting an outdated, boring version of you?

The people who come to your LinkedIn profile are deciding whether to take a meeting, apply for a job, interview you, listen to your pitch, or offer you a board role.

Are you making that decision easy?

If not, I guarantee you are missing opportunities.

And I guarantee you are wasting time.

When you have a compelling online presence:

  • More people want to meet with you.
  • People can learn about you online, so they come to your meeting better prepared.
  • You receive more relevant offers.
  • You maintain mindshare.
  • You build trust faster.

Bottom line: you make faster progress on your goals, with less effort.

We will build a powerful, authentic presence on LinkedIn that reflects who you really are and helps you achieve your goals faster.

Why ProResource?

We specialize in working with CEOs and executives. We have worked with 2,000+ executives. We know what you need and what your
concerns are.

We have a mature, proven process for working with clients that takes as little as possible of your time. And you don’t have to do any writing.

Most of our clients are in the technology industry. We understand the jargon.

How Much Help Do You Need?

Choose done-for-you options, where we write your LinkedIn profile and blog posts. Have us craft your status updates and build lists of people you can connect with.

Or select a done-with-you service, where we partner with you. You do the parts you enjoy. We provide the advice, recommendations, copyediting, graphics, and whatever else you don’t want to do.

Or schedule individual coaching sessions, where one of our LinkedIn experts works with you one-to-one, on whatever you want to improve.

Let’s Talk

Let’s have a conversation to explore what you have in mind. Even if we can’t help, I promise you’ll come away from the conversation with ideas you can use.

Imagine… How much more could you accomplish with LinkedIn working harder for you?

Want to talk about your own LinkedIn strategy?