Use Social Media Effectively

Raise Your Visibility, Grow Your Business, Advance Your Career


Social media is absolutely the most powerful, fastest, least expensive, and most effective way to advance your business and career goals.

As an executive, there is considerable value for you in social media. But you also have constraints. There are things you can’t talk about, you don’t want to make mistakes, and you don’t have a lot of time to put into social media.

Get the greatest leverage from your time – and the best results – with support from experts.

Start with a Social Action Plan. Work with a social media coach who designs a personal social strategy for you, so you can use social media successfully to grow your business advance your professional goals.
The process is as follows:

Strategy Session – Begin with a kickoff call where we discuss your goals and initiatives for the coming quarter, what resources you have available, and what kind of support you need.

Social Action Plan – Receive a customized plan designed to help you achieve your goals. Typically, your plan includes:

  • Social Audience – Who should be added to your network, with templates for introduction and follow-up messages.
  • Social Relationships – What relationships to nurture in social media and how to engage.
  • Social Content – What to share in updates, ideal frequency and timing, hashtags, blog topics, and more.
  • Social Listening – How to monitor the people, companies, and topics you want to track.
  • Social Metrics – What data to measure to track results.

Training – Your coach reviews the plan with you, adjusts as needed, and teaches you whatever you need to learn to execute your part of the plan.

Check-ins – Your coach checks in with you two weeks after your training to see how things are going. One month after that, you have another check-in. Your coach reviews your progress and updates your plan for your activities and opportunities in the coming month.

Gold Profile – Being active on LinkedIn will bring more people to your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile should be up-to-date and as rich as possible, so you get the maximum value from your LinkedIn presence. We update your LinkedIn profile for you, so your profile tells a compelling story of your expertise and accomplishments, helps people better understand you, and builds trust. We use every section of the profile to tell your story and make you more findable.

After your ProSocial Launch… Executives who want a comprehensive and strategic approach to leveraging social media, and do not have time to do the work themselves, can have the ProResource team execute your Social Action Plan for you.

You get a consistent and relevant presence that accomplishes your goals and obtains the maximum leverage from your time. You receive:

  • Strategy – Monthly planning sessions where we create the plan for the coming month. This ensures we take full advantage of upcoming speaking engagements and other opportunities, and that your presence remains aligned with your initiatives. We also hold quarterly deep dives to review progress and adjust your overall strategy.
  • Thought Leadership – You are positioned as a thought leader with monthly Executive Insights blog posts written for you, based on interviews with you.
  • Content Marketing – You get updates drafted for you each week.
  • Engagement – We engage with your audience to build relationships on your behalf and suggest posts where you may want to comment personally.
  • Network Building – Your network is continuously expanded so you are connected to more and more people who are relevant for you.
  • Video – You can take advantage of video coaching, video strategy, and video production assistance.
  • Profile Updates – Your profile is updated as needed to add new achievements and take advantage of new features on LinkedIn.

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