Use Social Media Effectively

Raise Your Visibility, Grow Your Business, Advance Your Career


When you meet people in the real world, you impress them with your brainpower, good looks, a firm handshake, and your personal charisma. Are the people who meet you online seeing that same person? Or are they meeting a cardboard cutout version of you?

Let the people who meet you online (which is everyone right now) experience the powerful leader you truly are. When you have a compelling online presence:

  • More people want to meet with you.
  • They are able to learn more about you online, so they come to meetings better prepared.
  • You maintain mindshare.
  • They trust you sooner.

And you make faster progress on your goals, with less effort.

Start with a Social Action Plan. Work with a social media coach who designs a personal social strategy for you, so you can use social media successfully to grow your business advance your professional goals. The process is as follows:

Strategy Session – Begin with a kickoff call where we discuss your goals and initiatives, what resources you have available, and how much time you can put into social media.

Social Action Plan – Receive a customized plan designed for your specific situation. Your plan includes:

  • Goals – What is your purpose for being active in social media? Do you want to grow your business, establish yourself as a thought leader, build your employer brand, get a board seat?
  • Branding Blocks – We define five topics you want to focus on, with your point of view on each.
  • Audience – Who should be added to your network? If your goal is lead generation, your plan includes templates for introduction and follow-up messages.
  • Content – What to share in updates, ideal frequency and timing, hashtags, thought leadership blog topics, and more.
  • Influencers – Who should you engage with and how?
  • Workflow – Who will be responsible for what?
  • Metrics – What data should you measure to track results?

Training – Your coach reviews the plan with you, adjusts as needed, and teaches you whatever you need to learn to execute your part of the plan.

Check-ins – Your coach checks in with you two weeks after your training to see how things are going. One month after that, you have another check-in. Your coach reviews your progress and updates your plan for your upcoming activities and opportunities.

Gold Profile – Being active on LinkedIn will bring more people to your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile should be up-to-date and as rich as possible, so you get the maximum value from your LinkedIn presence. We update your LinkedIn profile for you, so your profile tells a compelling story of your expertise and accomplishments, helps people better understand you, and builds trust. We use every section of the profile to tell your story and make you more findable.

After your ProSocial Launch… Executives who want an active and dynamic social media presence but don’t have time to do the work themselves, can have the ProResource team assist with implementing your Social Action Plan.

You get a consistent and relevant presence that accomplishes your goals and obtains the maximum leverage from your time. You receive:

  • Thought Leadership – You are positioned as a thought leader with Executive Insights blog posts written for you. You share your ideas with the writer, usually over the phone or Zoom. The writer drafts the post, works with you on edits, delivers a final version with copyright-safe graphic, and assists with publishing and distributing the post. These posts can be done monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or upon request. 
  • Content Marketing – You can have updates drafted for you each week.
  • Influencers – We monitor influencers who are relevant for you and suggest posts where you may want to comment personally. This is a great way to get outside your existing network and let new people discover you!
  • Network Building – We build lists of people who meet your criteria, which can be used for lead generation or recruiting. 
  • Video – You can take advantage of video coaching, video strategy, and video production assistance.
  • Profile Updates – Your profile is updated as needed to add new achievements and take advantage of new features on LinkedIn.

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