Mission, Beliefs, Values, Rules

ProResource Corporate Culture

This is what we believe in. If our company sounds like a fit for you or someone you know, email us at team@proresource.com.


To economically empower people who choose to work part-time.

Which is a fancy way of saying… To create as many interesting part-time jobs as we can.


1. Everyone deserves a job that is interesting and impactful, where they can make a difference.

2. 40 hours is a random amount of time. A “job” can be defined so it fits into any amount of time. Here, jobs are typically 20 hours a week.

3. It’s better to work part-time than not have a paying job.

  • Work brings you money, which gives you choices.
  • Work gives you opportunities to experience, learn and grow.
  • Work gives you the chance to celebrate accomplishments.
  • Work brings you a work family, which can be a powerful source of support.


1. Integrity – Every day you have the opportunity to choose what’s right or what’s expedient. We look for people who choose what’s right.

2. Nurturing – We nurture on behalf of our clients. But we also believe in taking care of our clients, our team members, our families and ourselves.

3. Experimentation – Social media changes constantly, and we have to evolve our process. But we also believe in continuously looking for better ways to do what we do.

4. Results – Our clients aren’t paying us to execute our process perfectly. They are paying for results. If what we do doesn’t work the first time, we keep trying until we find something that does.

5. Fun – Life is too short not to have fun, especially at work.


1. You work on projects you believe in – You get offered projects to work on. If you don’t see value in what the client does or what the project involves, turn down the project.

2. You work with people you like and respect – Client teams are created by invitation. People who deliver good results receive lots of invitations.

3. Bring your brain to work – We should always be thinking about whether we are doing the work as effectively and efficiently as possible. But it doesn’t stop there. Is this the work you should be doing? If not, say something.