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Do you feel like the shoemaker’s child?

All your creativity goes into your work and there’s no time left to promote yourself.

But you do amazing work and more people should know about you.

You know there are opportunities out there for you. It would be great if they could just find you.

We can make that happen.

We have a new program for marketers that uses LinkedIn to raise your visibility. The cost is low and it takes little of your time. Here’s how it works:


First, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Join our monthly workshop on how to design a LinkedIn presence that tells your story effectively, helps more people find you, and gets them interested in talking with you. Each month we focus on enhancing one part of your profile – it’s easy to do.

We also have workshops on other LinkedIn topics, such as how to write a great comment on someone else’s post, and how to get more people to engage with your own posts.

Daily Links

You get a daily email (every weekday) with links to interesting posts from marketing gurus and thought leaders, so you can easily find the relevant conversations that are happening on LinkedIn and join them.

This is a powerful way to raise your visibility on LinkedIn. When you engage with well-known individuals outside your network, you are able to get your name in front of thousands of people.

And you can participate in discussions on some of the hottest topics in marketing.

We save you hours of time by identifying the best posts for you. All you have to do is click on the links! If a topic is interesting to you, add your comment. If not, maybe just like it. Or skip it.

In minutes you are getting your name and your ideas in front of a large audience.

LinkedIn Experts

Our team of LinkedIn experts is on call for you. When you run into issues with LinkedIn, aren’t sure how to handle a situation, need advice – you can get answers from folks who know.

Boost Your Audience

Maximize your reach and engagement on your own LinkedIn posts by sharing them in our Facebook group so other members can like and comment. Plus, when you engage with posts from others in the group, you benefit both of you.

Join Social Insiders Today!

You will be delighted with how effective Social Insiders is at raising your visibility.

The cost is only $97/month. This is the cheapest advertising you will ever do, so much less expensive than having an assistant help you with social media – and vastly more effective.

Best of all, it’s easy.

It takes only a couple minutes to comment on posts, and it’s a fun break from your work – a chance to share your ideas and your opinions.

Try it and see what you think.

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Think of it like a gym for LinkedIn - and we're your personal trainer. We line up the weights for you and provide support as you do the workout.

You do have to lift the weights yourself (make your own comments on posts) because that's how you build your LinkedIn muscle (and develop your voice). We are right there with you, every step of the way!

This is the easiest and most fun way to promote yourself and develop your personal brand on LinkedIn.

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