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Need a stronger presence on LinkedIn to raise your visibility and ensure that you stay top-of-mind with clients? Get the writing help you need from ProResource. 

Why Use Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

Enhance Your Professional Brand: Your LinkedIn expert will craft a profile that effectively highlights your expertise, accomplishments, and leadership qualities. This professional branding is crucial in conveying the right message to peers, clients, competitors, analysts, conference organizers, and journalists.

Higher Visibility and SEO: LinkedIn experts understand how to optimize a profile for search within LinkedIn and Google. This means using the right keywords and structuring the profile in a way that it ranks higher in searches, making you more visible to potential clients and industry connections.

Save Time: You are incredibly busy. Writing a compelling LinkedIn profile requires time and effort that takes you away from your primary responsibilities – or cuts into your family time. Delegating this task to an expert ensures a high-quality result with a minimum of your valuable time.

Gain Credibility and Influence: An expertly written profile significantly enhances your credibility and influence within the industry. A rich profile can serve you as a platform for sharing insights, trends, and thought leadership content, further building your reputation in your field.

Reputation Management: A professionally written profile impresses visitors, makes your expertise and accomplishments visible (without looking like you are self-promoting), and reflects well on both you and your firm.

Improve Recruitment: A compelling LinkedIn profile can also be a powerful tool for recruitment. It can showcase your leadership style and your firm’s culture, attracting top talent who align with the company’s values and goals.

Acquire a Competitive Advantage: In the competitive landscape of your industry, having a standout LinkedIn profile can serve as a competitive advantage, differentiating you from peers in other firms and within the industry.

Benefit from a Personal Touch: You want to work with an expert who knows exactly how to capture your voice and personality, tailoring your profile to reflect your personal brand and professional journey in an authentic and engaging way. This personal touch makes your profile more relatable and appealing.

Who Needs a LinkedIn Writer?

ceos and founders

Managing Directors

  • Use LinkedIn to build your reputation as an authoritative voice in your field.
  • By sharing insights, you build and maintain relationships that are crucial for business development and talent acquisition.
  • Shape discussions around emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in your industry.
leadership team


  • Thought leadership on LinkedIn can play a critical role in client engagement and retention. 
  • Use thought leadership to enter new markets by establishing credibility and expertise in areas where you seek growth. 
  • Influence your firm’s culture and values. By advocating for innovation, diversity, sustainability, or advanced technology, you lead by example.
thought leaders

Industry/Sector Leaders

  • LinkedIn thought leadership provides a powerful tool for enhancing visibility within specific niches.
  • Sharing innovative ideas and solutions related to specific industry challenges can open doors to partnerships, joint ventures, or collaborative research efforts.
  • Showcase your team’s expertise and innovative work, making your firm more attractive to clients.

Why Use a LinkedIn Writer for Your Posts?

Collaborating with a LinkedIn expert allows you to raise your visibility, expand your reach, and lay the foundation for future growth in your career – without taking time away from your primary responsibilities. 

It’s an investment that pays dividends in saved time, ensured quality, and strategic engagement, allowing you to focus on what you do best: leading your firm to greater heights.

Time Savings

Efficiency: Your schedule is already stretched thin. An expert LinkedIn writer not only crafts your content but also manages your profile, freeing up countless hours. This time can be redirected towards strategic leadership tasks or simply enjoying well-deserved personal time.

Streamlined Process: An expert writer streamlines the process of content creation, from ideation to publishing, ensuring that maintaining a strong LinkedIn presence doesn’t add to your workload. 

Expertise in Execution

Quality Assurance: With an expert, you’re assured that your LinkedIn content is not just timely but also of high quality and aligned with best practices. This peace of mind, knowing that your professional image is expertly managed, is priceless.

Optimization: LinkedIn experts are adept at optimizing content for both engagement and SEO, ensuring that your messages reach the widest and most relevant audience. Our understanding of LinkedIn’s algorithms translates into greater visibility for your thought leadership.

Optimized Posts

Tailored Content: Your expert writer crafts posts that resonate with your target audience, showcasing your insights and expertise in the best light. This tailored approach means your content will more effectively engage peers, clients, and industry talent.

Strategic Messaging: Beyond crafting individual posts, your LinkedIn writer develops a cohesive content strategy that supports your professional goals.


Continuity: One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a strong LinkedIn presence is the need for regular, high-quality posts. An expert ensures that your thought leadership and professional insights continue to reach your network, even during your busiest periods.

Adaptability: Professional writers are adept at adjusting content strategies to reflect current trends and changes within your industry. This adaptability ensures your LinkedIn posts remain relevant and engaging over time.

Avoid Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Risk Mitigation: Engaging a LinkedIn expert who is well-versed in the nuances of regulatory and compliance requirements specific to your industry can significantly mitigate the risk of non-compliance. 

Strategic Compliance: A LinkedIn writer with expertise in compliance can strategically craft messages that demonstrate thought leadership and industry insight without crossing into areas of potential regulatory concern.

How We Work

proresource how we work step 1 interview

🎯  Step 1: Profile Optimization

Your writer interviews you, then optimizes your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise and leadership.

  🎯 Step 2: Monthly Interview

Your writer interviews you once a month for 30-45 minutes.

proresource how we work step 2 monthly interview
proresource how we work step 3 thought leadership posts

🎯  Step 3: Thought Leadership Posts

You receive meticulously crafted posts that deliver insightful commentary and resonate with your audience. You choose the volume of content you need, and have the option of including video, graphics, carousels, and blog posts.

LinkedIn Metrics to Optimize Performance

You also receive monthly reports with the metrics needed to fine-tune your content strategy and improve results over time. These are some of the metrics we monitor:

Profile Views: Profile views measure the visibility and attractiveness of your profile to LinkedIn users, indicating your profile’s reach and impact.

Followers: The number of followers reflects your growing influence and the expanding network of professionals interested in your insights and updates.

Post Views: Post views provide insight into how compelling and relevant your content is to your audience, highlighting the resonance of your thought leadership.

Engagement: Engagement rates, including likes, comments, and reposts, reveal the level of interaction your content fosters, demonstrating its effectiveness in sparking dialogue and interaction.

Companies: Insights into the companies of the people who visit your profile offer valuable data on the sectors and organizations taking interest in your expertise.

Titles: Understanding the titles of your profile visitors helps gauge the seniority and relevance of your audience, ensuring your content aligns with the interests of key decision-makers.

Geography: Knowing the cities your visitors are coming from can inform you about your geographical reach and influence, enabling more localized and tailored engagement strategies.

Explore Our Plans


Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get a personal LinkedIn strategy designed to achieve your goals.

Perfect for leaders who:

  • Know your LinkedIn profile is out of date and worry that you are making a bad first impression.
  • Worry that you are missing opportunities because you aren’t showing up in searches.
  • Are concerned that your expertise and achievements aren’t being communicated effectively.
  • Worry that your personal brand isn’t aligned with your professional goals.


Profile interview (60 mins) and strategy session (30-60 mins)

Typically takes a month to complete

One-time fee

Cost: $$


Get started sharing your insights on LinkedIn, posting once a week. Get started sharing your insights on LinkedIn

Perfect for leaders who:

  • Want to ensure you are recognized as an expert.
  • Need to stay top-of-mind with clients, and avoid being outpaced by competitors.
  • Want to post regularly, without taking time away from your primary responsibilities.
  • Don’t want to risk damaging your reputation with poorly crafted or non-compliant posts.


1 interview each month (30-45 mins)

Approval once a month (fast and easy)

4-5 posts for the month

1 scheduled post each week

Monthly fee

Cost: $


Raise your visibility with a higher volume of thought leadership content. Get started sharing your insights on LinkedIn

Perfect for leaders who:

  • Need to demonstrate deep expertise to differentiate from competitors.
  • Want to show leadership in innovation to attract clients.
  • Are opening new markets and need to raise your visibility.
  • See value in building trust through transparency and expertise.


1 interview each month (30-45 mins)

Approvals are weekly (content can be more timely)

2 posts each week

1 in-depth article each month

Includes engagement

Monthly fee

Cost: $$

Thought Leader

Maximize your reach by boosting your posts. Expand beyond LinkedIn into podcasts and YouTube.

Perfect for leaders who:

  • Are concerned that organic posts won’t be sufficient to reach your desired audience amid the noise and content saturation in your market.
  • Need to ensure that you gain enough attention to have a significant impact.
  • Need to speed message dissemination to a broad audience.
  • Need to build credibility quickly.


1 interview each month (30-45 mins)

Approvals are weekly (content can be more timely)

2 posts each week

1 in-depth article each month 

Includes engagement

Posts boost via ads

LinkedIn newsletter (optional)

Limited podcast series (optional), with podcasts published on your website and a YouTube channel

Pitch you as a podcast guest (optional)

Monthly fee

Cost: $$$-$$$$

How Are Your Competitors Using LinkedIn?

Have us analyze how two of your competitors are using LinkedIn. You provide the names or we will do research to identify two individuals. You receive the results in a short Loom video that you can watch at your convenience. There is no cost for this video.